Mall Profits, SF Subcultures and Raf Simons - 3/12/13

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    Urban Outfitters Profits Double

    Urban Outfitter’s recently released fourth-quarter profits show a doubling in profit, to $82.5 million from $39.3 million this time last year. Key to this jump is the growth of e-commerce, as direct-to-consumer business accounted for 28.1% of all sales, or $240.5 million. This figure includes mobile sales, which double to more than $25 million.

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    The Mod (and Suedehead) Thread

    StyleForum is home to some interesting forum-within-forums – and probably the most extensive of these is the Mod to Suedehead thread. Populated by posters who rarely venture outside of its pages, it’s a fascinating look into a subculture guided by those who lived through it. It’s worth a read.

    All About Jil Sander (and Raf Simons)

    Raf Simons, the ex-Jil Sander designer, and current head of his eponymous label, has a devoted following, and this thread is a guide to all of his designs. If you ever wanted to know what season a piece was from, or how it fits, this thread is for you.

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    Ann Demeulemeester Leather Jacket, M

    Crockett & Jones Loafers, 11.5M US

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