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MAJOR DROPS! Trenchcoats and Raincoats! 42R Brooks Brothers, WOMAN'S 12L BURBERRY TRENCH from HARROD

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May 18, 2009
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Sizes 40L, 42R, 44R, 44S, and a Woman's 12 Long Burberry Trench


International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.


1) 40L BEAUTIFUL Made in the USA Jos. A. Bank trenchcoat, with wool liner.


This is terrific trenchcoat--I'd keep it myself if I didn't already have three Burberry trenchcoats in addition to many Barbours and two Filsons.... Not to mention several tweeds and a Chesterfield!

Unlike more recent offerings, this bank trenchcoat was Made in the USA. There's no fabric content listed for the shell, but is likely to be the usual durable poly/cotton mix that even Burberry uses. The detachable liner is all wool, however. This has a single hook vent, and is the classic darker khaki colour of the traditional trenchcoat. It features a leather hanging loop. Unlike Burberry trenches, this has a simple silhouette, with no gunflap on the shoulder or lambchop throat closure under the collar. It also never featured D-rings for the belt. It does have a couple of minor scruff marks, as shown, but overall is in excellent condition, and a great deal for a fellow 40L!

Asking just $95 > 75 > 65 > 55 > 45 > 35, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 40L, this measures:

Chest: 23
Shoulder: Raglan sleeves, so NA.
Sleeve (under arm to cuff along the seam): 18 1/2
Length (BOC): 49

2) 44R CLASSIC Trenchcoat from Jos. A. Bank, with liner.


This is a terrific trenchcoat! Like the other JAB listed above, this has a lovely, classic, clean silhouette, lacking both a gunflap, throat closure, and D-rings on the belt. It has a removable lining (poly-cotton), and the shell is also poly cotton, as is usual with trenches. It has a single center vent. Unlike the other JAB, this coat has a removeable and reversible collar, and is in absolutely excellent condition. This would made a superb starter coat for someone!

Asking just $95 > 85 > 70 > 65, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 44R, this measures:

Chest: 25 1/2
Shoulder: Raglan sleeves, so NA.
Sleeve (underseam, from armpit to cuff): 16 1/4
Length: 46

3) 42R Trenchcoat from Brooks Brothers--ALL COTTON!


This is an extremely nice trenchcoat! Cut from 100% cotton (rather than the poly-cotton blends that are more common--even Burberry tend to use poly-cotton for their coats) this beautiful coat has other features that make it stand apart from its less-august rivals. For a start, its belt has the coveted brass D-rings that were pioneered for holding equipment in the trenches, by Burberry. It's buckles--for both the belt and the cuffs--are leather-covered metal (rather than plastic), and its classic Brooks lining is all cotton. The buckles show no sign of wear. This also features a zippered security pocket on the inside, and a very nice extra strap on the underside of the belt that keeps it in the appropriate belt-loops. Like the other trenches, listed above, this has a classic, clean shape without the gunflap.

This coat originally came with a removeable liner and a removeable collar--both are absent from this coat, but this doesn't detract from either its functionality or its beauty.

This coat has a minor blemish near the pocket, as shown, and some minor rubbing to the cuff seams, but overall it is in excellent condition.

Asking just $79 > 65, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or lower offer.

Tagged a 42R, this coat measures:

Chest: 24
Shoulder: Raglan sleeves, so NA.
Sleeve (under arm to cuff along seam): 18 1/2
Length: 47

4) 44S The KANGAROO COAT by Harbour master--a raincoat with its own pouch! Made in The USA-!

This is a lovely coat, in absolutely excellent condition. Not a trench, but a Balmacaan raincoat, this is a terrifically rare and unusual coat. First, it's designed so that it can be folded up into its own pouch, making it ideal to keep in a suitcase or backpack when a bulkier coat would be difficult to tote around. (I must confess the mechanics of this folding elude me, but it's clear that this can be done, somehow, and would make this a very, very useful coat to have!) Second, this coat--while without a doubt a man's garment, being tagged a 44S and with the appropriate button pattern--was made in the USA by the ILGWU--the first man's coat I've seen that was made by a woman's Union.

This coat is unlined, and lightweight, making it ideal for summer. It has a single hook vent at the rear, lapped seams thoughout, and a concealed placket. This coat is also in absolutely excellent condition, and is a steal as

just $49 > 40 > 35 > 29 > 24, or offer, shipped in CONUS.

Tagged a 44S, this measures:

Chest: 25
Shoulder: Raglan, so NA.
Sleeve (measured on underseam): 16
Length (BOC): 40 3/4

5) WOMAN"S Burberry Trenchcoat from Harrods of London. Size 12 Long.


You know how it is... Parcels arrive for you all the time, and you start having them sent to your office to avoid admitting you've bought yet another Harris tweed, or Drake's tie... So now's your chance to earn at least a few weeks of worry-free buying! When this arrives, and she looks askance at you, just casually hand over the parcel, and say, "Actually, this one's for you..."

This is absolutely wonderful--and what better Anglophile trad. combination could there be than Burberry (before it went downmarket) and Harrods (before it went way downmarket, and lost its status as possibly THE best and certainly the most iconic store in London) This was, of course, MADE IN ENGLAND.

This is THE classic Burberry trenchcoat, the sort worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, not the modern modish shorter items that are so frequent now and will likely be outdated next season. Cut from the classic polycotton cloth that's durable, hardwearing, and water-repellent, this has the classic Burberry silhouette including the gunflap (on the distaff side, here), and the belt with the full complement of D-Rings. The buckles are leather-covered metal, and all are fully functional; this also features the brass throat-latch that all good Burberrys have. It has a single rear vent, and the classic Novacheck lining. It also features a button-in, removeable lining, which is made from all-wool; this also features the woolen version of the nova check.

This jacket does have a couple of minor, minor blemishes; a couple of minor scuff marks, as shown (one on the underside of the belt near the buckle), and the single button that closes the vent at the rear is missing. (Burberry will happily send you a replacement, though.) Mainly because of the button, this is in Very Good/Excellent condition... But you're not likely to find a nicer example of a woman's Burberry any time soon, unless you shell out roughly 8 times my asking price at Burberry itself! ;)

Asking $125, with LOWER OFFERS WELCOME, boxed, shipped, and insured in CONUS.

Tagged a 12 Long, this measures:

Bust: 22
Shoulder: NA, as raglan sleeves.
Sleeve (on underseam): 19 1/8
Length: 45 1/4



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