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May 18, 2009
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With the holiday season just beginning, I'm pleased to offer these beautiful tuxedos to carry you through the plentiful parties that you'll be enjoying! With shawl lapels, peak lapels, and notch lapels, single-breasted and double-breasted, these range from classic Ivy offerings from the 1960s to recent beautiful from Brooks Brothers and a lovely velvet dinner jacket from Jos. . bank, proving even they get things right sometimes!

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE CONUS; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost!


Please PM with interest and offers!


A RARE example of an item from Langrock's original New Haven store!

I don't use the term "Grail" lightly, but this beautiful tuxedo most certainly qualifies. First, it is from Langrock--THE Ivy store that was the epitome of Ivy Style during the Golden Age of Ivy clothing. Most closely associated with Princeton--where it was THE clothier--Langrock actually started in New Haven, serving Yale. Langrock has long gone from both Princeton and New Haven, but its reputation carries on intact--indeed, so storied is Langrock that even Langrock labels are in demand among collectors. And that makes this tuxedo very, very special indeed--for this was made not for the Princeton store, but for the original Langrock store in New Haven.

More information on Langrock can be found here, courtesy of Bruce Boyer and Ivy Style:


This tuxedo more than lives up to its august pedigree. It features peak lapels faced in grosgrain--the classic Ivy touch that is hardly ever seen on modern pieces. It is double breasted, with a formal 2 by 2 button configuration; it has a single button closure. The cloth that it is cut from is beautiful; heavier weight than modern pieces, it has a lovely solid heft to it, designed for parties in the large, chilly halls of Princeton houses and University. It presents as black at first sight, but on very close inspection it can be seen to consist of very thin vertical stripes of two very close shades of black--a detail that almost no-one will ever notice. It features a hand-finished buttonhole on the lapel, with a holding string just below it to secure the stem of your boutonniere. It is, of course, fully canvassed, and fully lined. It is unvented, and the pockets are jetted. It features four sleeve buttons. The trousers are pleated, and have buttons to secure your suspenders. They also feature an on-seam ticket pocket.

It was, of course, clearly made in the USA.

It does have some minor issues commensurate with its age. First, there is some minor rubbing to the peaks of the lapels. Second, there are three loose stitches on the underside of the lapels at the joint of the peak; this is a easy fix, or else could simply be ignored. There is some loose stitching in the lining of the trousers. There is also a small oval rub mark on the turn of the right lapel, as shown. Were I an ebay seller I would rate this as being in EXCELLENT VINTAGE CONDITION, but I prefer to be conservative in ratings, and so this is in Very Good condition overall, with no "vintage" caveats put on this!

This truly is a grail piece, and owing to its classic beauty and tradly solidity is ready to carry you through decades of holiday seasons. As such, this really is a bargain at just $75, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the CONUS!

Please PM with interest and offers!


Chest: 21 3/8
Sleeve: 26 1/2 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 31 3/4

Waist: 18 1/4
Inseam: 31 1/4 (+2 1/2)

1) 1960s tuxedo for James Campion, the Dartmouth Outfitters.


This tuxedo has impeccable Ivy League credentials, having been made for James Campion, the outfitters for dartmouth University--Dartmouth's equivalent of Princeton's The English Shop. Although this dates from the Golden Era of Ivy Style, this tuxedo is in excellent condition, and ready to see you through decades more holiday festivities. Half-canvassed and fully lined, this features two button cuffs and a single button fastening. It has a single centre vent, and beautifully narrow shawl lapels, testifying to its Golden Era origins--origins that are also reflected in the fact that this is a sack tuxedo. This lovely jacket is just waiting to be paired with some tartan trousers for decades more civilized partying!

Asking just $29 > 26, or offer.

Tagged a 44, this measures:

Chest: 22 1/4
Sleeve: 26 1/4 (+2)
Shoulder: 18 5/8
Length: 31

2) BEAUTIFUL shawl-collared tuxedo from Hickey Freeman's "Customized" line!


This is lovely! Although this was custom tailored in 1975 (it still bears the interior label identifying the original owner) this could just have easily been made for this season. A classic shawl collar tuxedo, this beauty is half-canvassed and half-lined. It features subtle darting, four button cuffs, and a single centre vent. It was Union made in the USA, and is in excellent condition. Pair it with some tartan trousers, and you're ready to go!

Asking just $35 > 32, or offer.


Chest: 23
Sleeve: 25 1/4 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 32 3/4

3) BEAUTIFUL Brooks Brothers Shawl Collar Tuxedo!

This is absolutely gorgeous! A fairly recent offering by Brooks Brothers, this beauty is Made in the USA. It is fully canvassed and fully lined, and has a beautiful shawl collar. It also features two covered button cuffs and a single button fastening. It has a single centre vent. The trousers have no belt loops, but feature buttons for suspenders (braces); they are, of course, flat front. They have the classic side stripe of all good formal trousers. This tuxedo is in absolutely excellent condition!

Asking $85 > 75 > 60, or offer.

Tagged a 48ML, this measures:

Chest: 23 3/8
Sleeve: 24 (+1 1/4)
Shoulder: 20
Length: 32 1/2

waist 20 1/2
Inseam: 28 1/2 (+2 1/2)

4) BEAUTIFUL Classic shawl collar tuxedo for Jas. T. Mullin of Wilmington, Del.

This is beautiful! A classic shawl collar tuxedo, this dates from the Golden Age of Ivy Style--but it could just as well have been made last year! Featuring a beautiful shawl collar with a buttonhole for your boutonniere. this lovely tuxedo is half canvassed and fully lined. It is subtly darted, has three button cuffs, a single button fastening, and a lovely classic striped lining. The trousers are pleated, and have buttons for suspenders (braces), with no belt loops. This was Made in the USA.

This tuxedo is in excellent condition, except that the lining of the trousers needs some minor attention, as shown. Hence, this is in overall Very Good/Excellent condition. As such, it's a steal at just $75 > 65 > 50, or offer.


Chest: 22 1/2
Sleeve: 26 1/2 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 32

Waist: 18 3/4
Inseam: 31 1/2 (+3 1/2)

5) RECENT Velvet Tuxedo by Jos. A. Bank!

You know you want this! Made from 100% cotton velvet, this tuxedo is in absolutely excellent condition, having been worn only once or twice. It is half-canvassed and fully lined, is cut as a sack, and has three covered buttons on each cuff. It has a single centre vent, and jetted pockets.

Asking just $49 > 45 > 39, or offer.

Tagged a 46R, this measures:

Chest: 22 1/8
Sleeve: 25 1/5 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 31 7/8


This is wonderful! Made by varsity-Town Clothes, this is the real deal--a genuine tailcoat, not something put together to look like a tailcoat, as is so often the case with modern formalwear that's increasing worn almost as costume, rather than clothes. This features faced, peak lapels, six faux button closure, four button cuffs. The tails curve elegantly to the front on their facings, as they should, rather than hanging limply behind; the back is properly contoured and shaped, as shown, to ensure an elegant silhouette. This is fully lined, and features an interior side pocket--as it should!

This does have some minor issues. There is a tiny hole on one cuff, as shown, and the lapels have some shine to them at a certain angle in a certain light, as is to be expected given their age. There are also some small oval white marks on the underside of the lapel and in the lining. These will easily come out with dry cleaning, leaving no mark at all--this was stored in an attic in a large estate in Princeton, and these are the remains of spider egg cases, which are very very easy to remove!

Overall, this in in Very Good condition, and a steal at just $65 > 49 > 44, or offer!


Chest: 18 1/2
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2)
Shoulder: 18 1/4
Length to waist buttons: 17
Length to end of tail: 43

7) MADE IN THE USA Giannino notch lapel tuxedo

This is a lovely recent tuxedo. Featuring notch lapels, this tuxedo is half-canvassed and fully lined. It is unvented, and features a single button fastening and three button cuffs. All of the buttons are covered. The trousers are pleated, and feature a satin band at the top. They lack belt loops and braces buttons. This was Made in the USA, and is in excellent condition!

Asking just $50 > 42 > 35, or offer.

Chest: 21 1/4
Sleeve: 22 3/4 (+2 3/4)
Shoulder: 19
Length: 29

Waist: 17
Inseam: 27 3/4 (+2)

8) CLASSIC Peak Lapel Tuxedo; trousers with side adjusters!

This is lovely! A classic peak lapel tuxedo, this is half-canvassed and fully lined. It has a single centre vent, flapped pockets, and three button cuffs. It has a single button closure. The trousers are flat-front, and feature a metal exterior side adjustor, which appears to give 2 - 3" addition to the current waist measurement. This tuxedo is in absolutely excellent condition, and is a steal at just $65 > 59 > 49, or offer.


Tagged 44L.

Chest: 22 1/8
Sleeve: 26 3/4 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 19
Length: 31 1/2

Waist: 19 1/4
Inseam: 32 (+2)

9) MADE IN ENGLAND Aquascutum Double-Breasted, Peak Lapel Dinner Jacket

This is absolutely lovely! Made in England, this almost certainly dates from the early 1970s, judging not by its styling--which is classic--but by the fact that it's made from a blend of Worsted and Terylene. Now, before you stop reading, note that EARLY artificial fibres were intended to be far more durable than their natural counterparts, but indistinguishable from them in texture, feel, and performance--that's why very early polyester ties really are hard to tell from silk, and why Brooks, Press, Langrock, and the like charged premiums for them. Your grandfather's terylene is NOT the same as ours--it was far, far better! Plastics, then, were the future.

That this is a mix of wool and terylene, then, should be no deterrent. And that's a very good thing, for this is a terrific tuxedo. A rare double-breasted tuxedo, this has peak lapels that are, of course, faced. It is half-canvassed and fully lined, and is unvented, as you'd expect. It has a 2 by 2 button front (single button closure), and two buttons to each sleeve. All the buttons are covered. The trousers are pleated, and feature side adjusters and an ornamental stripe.

This is in absolutely excellent condition--it's clearly been worn very, very sparingly, if at all. The only minor, minor blemish is the fact that there are two tiny rub marks on the buttons on the left-hand sleeve; otherwise, this presents as new.

Asking just $75 > 65 > 55, or offer.


Chest: 18 1/2
Sleeve: 25 (+2 1/2)
Shoulder: 16
Length: 29 3/4

Waist: 16
Inseam: 31 1/2 (+2 1/2)

10) Contemporary Bill Blass Tuxedo

A lovely classic tuxedo, this recent offering by Bill Blass Eveningwear feature notch lapels and flapped pockets. It is darted, and has a single button closure and three button cuffs. All of the buttons are covered. It is fully lined, and unvented. The trousers are pleated, and feature buttons for suspenders. This is in excellent condition.

Asking just $50 > 40 > 35, or offer.

Tagged a 42S, this measures:

Chest: 21 3/4
Sleeve: 24 1/4 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 19 1/4
Length: 30 1/4

Waist: 18 1/4
Inseam: 30 1/2 (+2 1/2)



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