Made in Maine, Defining Comfort and Beer! - July 5, 2013

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by StyleforumRobot, Jul 5, 2013.

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    New Age LL Bean

    A few years ago LL Bean launched LL Bean Signature in collaboration with Rogue’s Gallery, a departed (probably not dearly) mid-tier blandish workwear brand. While LL Bean Signature has never been particularly popular, they are a great source for Made in Maine duck boots, and have the occasional nice piece. This is a thread about them. Pretty straight forward.


    Do you like beer? Lots of people on StyleForum do. And unsurprisingly, considering the setting, there’s lots of love for unique, rare microbrews. Yay!

    Comfort Embodied

    What’s your most comfortable pair of dress shoes? Is there a certain make renowned for comfort, are shoes just shoes? That’s the question this thread – still in its infancy – seeks to answer. Please contribute.

    B&S Finds

    Grenson x Albam Summer Storm Brogues, 9.5 UK


    Folk Sweater, 6


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