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Mackintosh - Bonded vs. Raintec advice


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Oct 1, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with these two materials from Mackintosh. I am looking at their Dunoon short coat (it fits me).

The bonded cotton is wonderfully heavy, but the Raintec doesn't feel like nylon; it's a nice cotton as well.

Any opinions between the two in regards to:
1. Formality - does the Raintec hold up for more formal wear?
2. Creases - which material is more prone?
3. Breathability - I am assuming the Raintec does this better, but would love to confirm, as I live in a humid environment in the spring/summer
4.Waterproofness - Does the Raintec hold up?

Thanks so much for any advice or opinions.


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Mar 29, 2021
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I've been lurking here for a while now and thought to register and share my experience with a Mackintosh bonded cotton coat and Mackintosh customer service. Dunno if your question is still relevant, but here goes: I bought a GR-102D coat less than three years ago: https://www.mackintosh.com/us/shopping/khaki-bonded-cotton-hooded-riding-coat-gr-102d-13045338

Now a large defective tear has appeared on the front side of the jacket next to the left pocket (the part that covers the buttonholes) and it'll keep expanding unless I do something quick. Seems to be stitching error. We're talking about 5 centimeters and expanding. The coat hasn't seen any heavy use, maybe up to four months per year. Really makes you wonder about the quality. The coat wasn't exactly cheap. Thought it'd be a coat for many years...

Anyway, I contacted Mackintosh customer service thinking they'd offer a repair or some sort of compensation. For the price I paid I thought... All I got was a suggestion to send the coat for an assessment to Scotland at my own expense. From Finland it isn't small change. Any repairs made would have to be paid by me also. Or contact the retailer, which at this point does absolutely nothing.

So yeah, unless you've already gone the Mackintosh route, I'd advise you and anyone else to choose another manufacturer. You might get a quality piece or you might get an expensive disappointment with which you are completely alone.
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