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    Nov 10, 2012
    I am graduating in may with my BA in psychology. I am looking for a combo MA/PhD program in psychology or cognitive psychology if there is any. I know vast deadlines for grad school apps for fall 2013 are this december, therefore I am trying to find a school asap. I have found few but they are not in NJ or NY district. Although I have princeton in mind, however I need some backups(doesnt have to be ivy league school but am searching for good schools that specializes in psychology. Also, I read in few threads that if I do the combo MA/PhD, I will get my money refunded. Is this true? I also would like to know if it will be worth it. Thank you in advance !

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    It's probably best to talk to one of your professors to get ideas about different schools.
    The best advice I can give is apply to as many programs as you can. I made the mistake of applying to 5 programs despite my professor telling me to apply to at least 8-10.

    I was sure in my own mind that I'd be accepted to my top pick (Boston U.). I was not. In fact, I was only offered one placement and it was in my bottom pick (West Virginia). I went out for the interviews and the faculty was great but the idea of living in a tiny place like Morgantown for 5yrs was not very appealing.

    I only applied to Clinical programs. The tuition was not a factor because most graduate students are supported with assistantships or other scholarship money(in doctoral clinical programs).
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