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Luca Faloni - any good?


Mahatma Jawndi
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Apr 10, 2011
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Thanks. I do live very near London. I've thought about bespoke shirts before but it's the hassle (as in time and effort, I am sure I would enjoy the process if I had time) that's always persuaded me to go for other options. It's definitely something I want to look into though.
Will take a look at proper cloth too.
The nice thing about having a shirtmaker is that it makes subsequent orders very smooth and easy. You no longer have to rely on brands or designers to come up with the right combination of fabric, style, and fit to suit your needs.

Once a pattern has been drafted for you, and it's been perfected, then ordering a shirt is just a matter of sending an email. If you don't live near your shirtmaker, they can send you swatches, and then you can choose from those. Or you can order fabrics from a cheap supplier such as Acorn and do something called CMT (cut, make, trim), which means you provide your own cloth.

When I want a dress shirt nowadays, I just tell my shirtmaker what fabric I want, and then choose all the details over email -- button-down collar, cuff style, pocket style, etc. Shirt is then delivered a week or two later. The upfront time investment saves you time in the long run, as you no longer have to run around.

Once you have a shirtmaker, you can also get other things -- pajamas, dressing gowns, shirt jackets, and the like. So long as the item can be made in a "shirt construction," then a shirtmaker can usually provide it.

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