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Lots of 38r and 40r/41r suits and jackets nwt

Discussion in 'B&S Archive' started by shoefan, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. shoefan

    shoefan Senior member

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    Jul 27, 2003
    I have a lot of clothes that I've purchased but never had altered. Â I've decided it's time to pare back my wardrobe, so I'm willing to consider parting with any of the following if people are interested. Â If they don't sell here, I'll probably list them on e-bay. Â Drop me a PM and I can send pics and discuss prices. Oxxford NWT $3000 Pure Cashmere 40R sportcoat, in a black/gray weave with a blue overplaid. Â The new and elegant Renaissance model, 2 button, double vents. NWT 38 R summer sportcoat in a cream and light brown/tan plaid, with a very faint yellow windowpane. Â Silk and wool fabric. Â 2 button. NWT summer weight 38R black suit, with a light gray and very faint lilac triple-bead chalk stripe, Â reverse pleat trousers. Â 2-button Renaissance model, center vent. Belvest [a much-underestimated company, IMO] NWT 38R gray plaid, with a faint yellow and lilac overplaid. Â Unvented jacket, 8-inch drop, very nice lightly padded shoulders. Â 32 inch trousers, double reverse pleat. Â (made under the Piatelli for Barney's label). Â Gorgeous suit. NWT 38R blue blazer, 6 inch drop, unvented, brass buttons. Â (made under the Carroll & Co. private label, I guarantee it's a Belvest) Huntsman NWT 40R double breasted suit, 34-inch pleated trousers, in a navy blue weave. Â (Huntsman is known as the most expensive tailoring house on Savile Row; this suit was made to their specs by C. Barrie) St Andrews NWT Â $3000+ 40R 100% cashmere black three-button sportcoat, fabric has a fine weave, but coat is solid black. Â Medium to heavy weight cashmere. Â Double vented. Â Jacket has somewhat broader shoulders than many 40R's, though not heavily padded. Â Would definitely work better for someone with broad shoulders and a trim waist. Â Gorgeous. Chester Barrie NWT 40R/41R 100% Cashmere sportcoat in a cream twill; 2 button, single vent. Â Medium weight, beautiful fabric but a bit too large for me. Â (Tagged a 40R, but might well fit a 41). NWT 40R/41R 100% Cashmere sportcoat in a medium to royal-blue twill (same fabric type as previous jacket, just a different color). (Tagged a 40R, but might well fit a 41). NWT 40R/41R Linen/Wool sportcoat in a cream color; fabric looks somewhat like a silk, but is not. Â A great summer jacket. (Tagged a 40R, but might well fit a 41). NWT 40R super 110's 2-button sportcoat, in a medium-brown weave with a blue and tan box-pattern. Â Center vent, ticket pocket. Vestimenta NWT 40R black 100% linen single breasted, 3 button suit, double vents. Â 34R pleated slacks. I also have a ton of VERY LIGHTLY used 38R, 39R, and 40R suits and sportcoats by Belvest, Corneliani (incl. Sartoriale), Hickey Freeman, C Barrie, Donna Karan Couture, and Ferragamo which I would consider selling. Â If you're interested, let me know your size and what you'd be interested in and I'll give you a list in your size. Thanks.

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