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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by brian312, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I'm new to the forum but hoping you all can help. I'm 6'6" and 180 lbs, so obviously very tall and thin with lanky limbs, and usually unable to make RTW work. I want a slim suit that accentuates my build rather than hides it under fabric. For example, similar to the slim suits that Burberry is now advertising. It's more of a "creative sector" look than the "classic" banker type look. Something I could wear with narrow ties and maybe even, on occasion, sneakers. I know it will go out of style eventually, but I that's why I want to keep the price reasonable. (I'm also hoping for a tailor with at least some serious skills to help compensate for the significant assymetries between by shoulders and the two sides of my back.)

    Last year I read about Brooklyn Tailors in New York and I really liked their style -- relatively short & skinny suits with narrow lapels, etc. I also like their overall young, creative aesthetic. I pass through NYC occasionally and their website said that they do some long-distance work, so I visited Brooklyn and ordered one of their "bespoke" suits which is really more of a "made to measure" type of service. I also ordered some shirts and chinos from them.

    After almost a year and several in-person visits to New York, I finally have a realtively good suit although even what was supposed to be the "final" version has needed some tweaks. Instead of waiting until my next NYC trip or FedEx-ing it back to them again, I decided to pay to have someone local make the final changes. My idea was to take it somewhere that also does relatively affordably made-to-measure or bespoke suits and use it as a test case for whether I want to order suits locally. I love Brooklyn Tailors but the process has been painfully drawn out due to the distance. Going forward, I am thinking of using someone locally for suits/jackets and using BT for shirts and custom chinos, which has worked perfectly.

    Following positive reviews online, yesterday I went to the Cad & the Dandy on their day in Savile Row. I took in the BT suit and they will make the final tweaks. But I have to say I was uninpressed. First, the woman who helped me spent the whole time criticising the quality and style of the BT suit. I know it is not a fully bespoke suit neither are most of CATD's. Moreover, given that the BT suit was precisely the style I am looking for, I was a bit insulted. She kept telling me that the jacket is too short, etc, but that was intentionally the style I wanted. Also, she kept saying how much better fitting their "bespoke" option will be, but couldn't atriculate it -- I wanted info and even a sales pitch, but the message was basically "trust me, it's just much better, you wasted your money at BT".

    So, I'm not sure I want to order a suit from CATD. I'm worried that they won't be willing/open to the style I'm looking for. Am I wrong about that? Is there another made-to-measure or bespoke tailor at a reasonable price point (say, less than GBP 800) in London that would be a closer match to the Brooklyn Tailors aesthetic? In addition to CATD, options I have read about include:

    A Suit that Fits
    Tailor Made London
    Dress 2 Kill
    Suit Supply (the made-to-measure program)

    Any thoughts on them? Anyone I'm missing?

    Sorry for the long message; any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!


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