Looking for a quality cobbler around the San Francisco bay area

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by cypi2, Jan 23, 2016.

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    I am looking for a good and quality cobbler around the San Francisco bay area that could install some thin rubber soles and some toe taps on my leather soles shoes.

    I know that some purists will argue that having thin rubber soles (e.g. Topy Elysee or Topy Top Gum 1 mm to 2 mm thick) installed on leather soles shoes is a crime, that it denatures the shoes, causes them to lose their balance and stops them from breathing thus leading to early insole corrosion. But, I do have that done on all my leather soles shoes, and, it works well for me. In fact, I could not wear my leather soles shoes without them.

    So, I am looking for a good, meticulous and high quality cobbler in the San Francisco bay Area that could work on pairs of Edward Green shoes, for example.

    What I mean by high quality is:

    1) 1) The added rubber sole should not just be glued right on top of the shoes’ leather soles. Rather, the top layer of the leather soles should be skimmed off (the same thickness as that the rubber soles) so that, once added, the rubber soles lay flat on the leather soles as if they were part of the leather soles themselves.

    2) 2) The toe taps rather than just be hammered on top of the shoe soles should be flush with the shoe soles and screwed on (with brass screws preferably to avoid corrosion after wearing the shoes on rainy days).

    I have attached pictures to illustrate what I am looking for.

    Would anybody know some cobbler who could do this type of work in the San Francisco bay area?

    I would welcome your help and recommendations!






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