Looking for a custom jewelry maker in Asia

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    I'm looking for a custom jewelry maker in Asia. I will be in Hong Kong, China and Thailand in the next month. Also India and Dubai later in the trip. Actually before the end of the year I will hit all 6 continents for work so if anybody can recommend a good reasonable jeweler anywhere I welcome the name. Does anybody have any advice or experience with any jewelers?

    I have some stones and pieces that I want copied for nieces and nephews. My Grandparents had some stones that they purchased years ago on trips. The gems have far more sentimental value. I realize gold prices have gone up but the price quotes I receive in the states aren't realistic for the pieces.

    I'd like to have a pair of cufflinks copied as I am missing one.

    I appreciate any advice.

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    Sep 28, 2004
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    I had a jewler in the taj mahal hotel in Mumbai custom make some things for me, at very reasonable prices. I think that you will find it very easy to do in India, and very cost effective. There are also several guys who will do this for you in the Oberoi shopping center in Mumbai. you may have to plan on a few days for the work.

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