****Long Staple Cotton Thread**** (How Long Is Your Staple?)

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    What is Long Staple cotton?
    Long staple cotton put simply is the good stuff, it’s stronger, lasts longer, holds dyes better, pills less, and is much softer…

    Long staple cotton is a category that includes:
    Pima cotton
    Supima cotton
    Suvin cotton
    Zimbabwean cotton
    Egyptian cotton
    Sea Island cotton
    Most quality “Non-Iron” Shirts that are 100% cotton
    Things that say Long Staple cotton on them
    (Please post if you’ve heard of another one)







    I have found some nice Long Staple cotton t-shirts hear:
    And some nice Long staple collared shirts and other things hear:

    But what do you know of?
    What are your experiences?

    Thanks guys [​IMG]
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