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    Hello all,

    I am a woman with a men's tailoring fixation and a long-time lurker on this brilliant forum.

    My question is this: I am developing a clothing line for women based on classic men's tailoring and am looking for a good patternmaker who can work with me on two shirt designs. Criteria are: sharp eye for quality and detail; significant experience with tailored garments; ability to draft patterns for women's bodies; and all-around perfectionist. Setting the bar low, clearly. S/he should be London based.

    Ideally this person will be able to advise on the finer points of construction and materials, as while I have a deeper knowledge of these areas than most women (or men, for that matter), I am also new to this and would be grateful for knowledgeable suggestions. Aiming to get the fit and quality watertight.

    I have an idea of market rates for patternmaking (based on individual pieces) as I've spoken with a North London outfit that does a lot of high street stuff. They seem good but my preference is to go with someone specialising in tailoring. As soon as I find the right person (or team), it is all go. At present I am working on sourcing materials.

    Thank you in advance for any recommendations!

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