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    Hi All,

    Looks like I'm going to spend the next year living in Florence on a research fellowship. I need to sort out my living arrangements, and am debating whether to live in the city center or the hills outside, which is where my office would be located.

    I'm a 31 year-old single guy looking to take advantage of the nightlife, but also have memories of the city center being a bit claustrophobic. Admittedly I was there in August and my memories are of a trip that happened over 10 years ago. How practical is it living around say Fiesole and coming into town for late nights out? Are taxis plentiful late night? Or should one just live in town?

    Any tips appreciated!
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    (Properly speaking) nigh-life only happens thu-sat. Taxis are expensive, more so at night. If you don't own a car, I believe your best bet is to look for a place very close to the city center (might as well be IN the cc, but it gets more expensive), take public transport (if available) to/from work, and move in the cc by foot/bike.

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    Oligarch, I lived in Florence for 6 months as a student in the city center, and how claustrophobic it is really depends on the time of year (aka if it's tourist season). I lived there from January through June, and for January through March it's relatively easy to get around the city and into any musuems, but parking can be a bit of a hassle. Late March through around October though, different story. It gets very crowded, especially from around Piazza della Repubblica to the Duomo, and parking is impossible. Honestly, Fiesole isn't that far away (I walked it twice), and living out there and biking to the city center when you'd like to go gets my vote. As for taxis, in Florence you have to call one anyways, but they can run you a pretty penny (for reference, Florence to Pisa is around 120 euros). While Fiesole is, of course, much closer to Florence, those taxi bills will start adding up. However there are buses you can take for much much much cheaper. All in all, Florence is a wonderful place and I know you'll enjoy your time there regardless. If you'd like more advice or anything else, feel free to message me.


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