List of Bespoke/MTO bootmakers?

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by thenextep, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Oct 5, 2016
    Hey peeps. First time over here at SF, but the good people at Reddit thought some here might have some more info for me. I did some basic searching but still came up with nothing addressing exactly my question.

    I've been on a serious boot hunt for well over a month now and cannot seem to find exactly what I want, so I have been thinking about having a boot designed for me. I like the styles from Truman, Viberg, Oak Street Boots, and even White's Semi-Dress, but what I want is to be able to have a custom-designed toe cap something like a mix between an austere brogue and what Wolverine did on their small-batch run of LTD 721's). Of course, I have contacted especially Truman, White's, Dayton, Wesco, even Santalum in Indonesia, and unfortunately these MTO outfits all have a standard set of options that they don't really deviate from, so they can't/won't custom-cut a design of my own for the toe cap.
    I was recently pointed in the direction of Brian at Role Club in LA, but I live on the east coast, and I would really prefer to be able to sit down with someone before I invest upwards of 1k+ on a pair of boots I hope to have for a lifetime. The same with Julian boots - they look great, but he's still in LA. I have found it incredibly difficult to find much on bespoke bootmakers - particularly for that market that wants a more casual boot than what someone like John Lobb typically offers. I figure, living close to NYC as I do, surely there's someone in the vain of Brian/Role Club around, right?
    Another thing is that I would really like to keep the cost at or under $1k. I know this might be just asking too much, but I also don't need them to be bespoke. Really, I just want a pretty standard service-type/semi-dress boot that's a casual cross-over.

    In any event, what I'm really looking for is if anyone knows of someone on the East Coast, particularly around NYC, who might be able to do such a thing. Am I missing something, or is the market too small for the casual-workwear styling to sustain bespoke makers?
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