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LG Clothing Styler General Feedback from Actual Owner


Apr 12, 2020
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I am posting this because I recently saw a relatively well known fashion vlogger post what I believe must be a completely endorsed video review of this product and I feel that some people may watch the review and be mislead if they do not read between the lines or do their research.

I received no discount on this product, and I have no connection to the company nor is this any sort of endorsement or advertisement. Actually, my overall experience would not qualify as 'positive'. I have the 5 hanger unit. I've owned it for four weeks now. Pictures attached. The LG styler is advertised as a "clothing refresher", whose functions are mentioned in a vague way, and I am sure the LG legal team had a lot of input as far as that ad copy was concerned.

Anyhow, what exactly does "refresh" mean? That will vary depending on who you ask. If you ask LG, you won't get any type of clear answer. Strange, selling a product which does something that you can only specify in vague terms.

So.... what does this device do exactly?

1. It looks cool, and acts as a full length mirror.
2. It is capable of heating/steaming your clothes.
3. It is capable of removing some bad smells (food, cigar, pet)

What does it not do?

1. It does not remove wrinkles, and most cases does not even reduce them.
2. It does not remove deeply entrenched odors (arm pit smell etc)
3. It does not crease most pants in any sort of useful way.

Why am I posting here? Well, I've seen a few youtube videos and blog posts about this product and none of them seem to directly state what this product actually succeeds in doing. The one I got cost me over $2000 USD. In the video review that I mentioned at the top of this post (no names, sorry) the reviewer claimed that the styler removed all of the wrinkles in his shirts and pants, and that he never needed to use the dry cleaners again. I feel that this claim is inaccurate, as I have run several dress shirts through all 12 standard settings as well as a few custom settings that I have downloaded, and under no circumstances did the machine remove wrinkles as the vlogger claimed. And that is ok, because LG themselves do not make this claim, despite what vloggers/influencers/paid reviewers state.

So what can it be used for?

Personally I am going to use it to remove food odors and other smells from expensive jackets and other items that I do not have time to take to the dry cleaners right away. It also works well to remove that smell that your winter coats get when they get just a bit of rain or show on them and then hang up to dry. I'll be throwing my winter coats in there each night for sure. It would also work well to warm up your winter clothing right before you go out the door. If you have smelly items like hats, this can help remove the sweat smell. It also worked for me on a Zegna scarf that I had stored in a drawer and forgot about. It went in smelling old and moldy and came out smelling and feeling fresh.

The overnight 10 hour deep clean setting removed almost all odor from every item I tried (excluding deeply embedded arm pit odors from some older items), but failed to remove or even reduce wrinkles.

There are a lot of posts from people online who outline what I mentioned above, but on most sites, I've seen that feedback drowned out by paid reviews, or reviews that were compensated with some sort of discount, giving this device glowing feedback and stating that it does things that it absolutely does not.

That being said, among the 9 pairs of pants that I tried the machine with, it removed about 60% of wrinkles from the one pair of pants that I have which were made of the absolute thinnest material possible.

I am open to advice from anyone else who legitimately owns this product and has had some sort of major break through with it, however my feedback above stands after 4 weeks of daily use, in ways detailed and outlined by the owners manual.

If I could do it all over again, I'd lean towards not purchasing this item, because my clothing dryer can basically do everything that the Styler does. I keep hanging on to hope that someone out there will find a way to make this thing work better or perform more functions than it currently does.


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Not left of center?
Dec 5, 2006
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This is relevant to my interests. Where can I send money to?


Apr 12, 2020
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This is relevant to my interests. Where can I send money to?

Mr. Piobaire, your enthusiasm is noted, however I do not know who carries this item in your region. Exercise caution before purchasing, and pay attention to return policy should the unit not suit your needs.

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