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Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by LatinoThunder, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Feb 15, 2013
    Been looking to replace a pair of 88z's I had stolen from me while simultaneously searching for a decent price. I came across this Amazon store using Shop it To Me and was wondering if anybody has used them before/are their items legit? The stock photo threw me for a loop because it's lacking Diesels signature "Diesel Industries" stitching on the coin pocket however the rear pockets seem to be legit as do their other store items. Any help is thoroughly appreciated.

    Denim in question: http://www.amazon.com/Diesel-Mens-Zatiny-Micro-Bootcut-0088Z/dp/B0030IMRQY/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t

    Shop homepage: http://www.amazon.com/Denim-Shop/b/...d_t=201&pf_rd_p=1470662362&pf_rd_i=B0030IMRQY
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