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Feb 9, 2020
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nice biker gang you have here.
Well it is what it is. Not a true MC. Just a note to all... Remember, that the chaps are optional, not the pants. Bike or no bike. "Rings handle-bar bell"
Ok here goes
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The FCL Leon is bonkers but a bit too small, so they’re going to ship in a 42 from another store.
Also, UrbanComposition, I know I set the standard for what not to do while looking like I want to kill somebody in my picture. You, however, really look like you're trying way, way too hard not to look like a kid in a candy store in these pictures.

Number 2 and 5 are my favorites. Too bad the trucker was too big. That one looks nice. The 5th does look like a rib cage and kidney bruiser on you. So, in that case, the facial expressions would be warranted with the jacket zipped.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of the 42 incher you ordered when you're back to your jolly picturesque self again.

Did they have much of a size selection for your body dimensions ? That has not been the case for me here in the chicago area. Then again, I haven't shopped for a leather jacket since 2016, but it seemed like everything I liked was a full size too big at the smallest size available This usually starts in the medium 40/42 range.

Schott has had a corporate dealer location within reach since 2017. Maybe I'd have better brick and mortar luck in my city this year. I'm thinking I'll go more of the black or two tone (non-teacore) chrome or combination, no breast zip pocket, open bottom hem, shirt collar/bomber collar. Thats if I can find one I like in my city.

Only thing is, I dont like the diagonal lines running from chest to hem on trucker styles I would like to wear, otherwise that's what I'd go for, with buttons and or a zipper. Did Taylor Stitch ever come out with a leather long haul to your knowledge in the past? Nice signature design concept on the fabric ones.

I like to downsize heavier jackets with a classic regular fit. This is so I can wear them close enough to look slim on my somewhat athletic frame without excessively pulling, stretching and potentially tearing a decently hefty lining against my body. I like to wear my leather 3 seasons a year. I'll likely wait till the fall season to do so, but I'm definitely feeling like treating myself.
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Dec 11, 2012
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Distorbiant was on the ToJ journey with us. That should have aged you at least 100 years.
I still wish I'd purchased and kept double rider sometimes. I've flirted with the idea of buying one from Falcon Garments, but I live in a tropical country and would be limited to wearing it in A.C.-blasted hotel lobbies and coffee shops. I'm also a little traumatized by anything M2M that doesn't have me raising my arms for a tailor with measuring tape.

I think I'd like my next bad life decision to involve walking into a nice store like Self Edge and buying a jacket on the spot. That'll be years away. Or I'll travel around Japan in search of the perfect double rider. Expect some big posts in this thread 5-10 years from now, guys. You just have to promise you won't let me turn into one of those aero & dad-jeans wearing dudes. It's like the dark side temptation of leather jacket enthusiasm.


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Aug 6, 2010
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@Lem87 there’s a HUGE Schott store here in San Francisco that has many styles I’ve not seen, and a lot of stock, but their leather choices are not interesting. Not bad, but nothing fancy, like tea-core or hand-painted. The people there are nice and you’re bound to find something no one else has, but I prefer how the specialty leathers age.

Self Edge is a comparatively small outfit so their stock is much more limited, and the factories they work with are also pretty small. @kiya can correct me if I’m wrong but I think I read somewhere that just four guys make the jackets at Fine Creek Leathers. Each one uses one horsehide and works on it solo from start to finish.


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Affiliate Vendor
Dec 14, 2006
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@Lem87 @kiya can correct me if I’m wrong but I think I read somewhere that just four guys make the jackets at Fine Creek Leathers. Each one uses one horsehide and works on it solo from start to finish.
Actually each Fine Creek Leather jacket is made by only 3 guys in a factory that's about 600 square feet in the center of Tokyo! One of those three guys is Yoshi, the designer and owner of the brand.


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Aug 9, 2010
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