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Persian Bro
Jun 9, 2006
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I wholeheartedly agree with supporting those who make your life easier. I would not be upset at someone purchasing something elsewhere if my price was 50% more than what that person could acquire the same item however. The value of that convenience I mentioned would be a marginal sum so my line would be drawn around the $1600 mark. The markup is partially due to them being the exclusive distributor for fcl so they can protect their margins.


Senior Member
Oct 22, 2013
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@LA Guy , @Understatesman, @sinnedk, any input on the jacket now that you've had it for some time?
I sold mine a couple of months after buying for 2 reasons: 1.) Didn't like how squared off the shoulders were (felt like Frankenstein walking around) and 2.) I live in Texas, so I'd rarely get to wear it and $1200 is a lot to spend on something I'd rarely wear.

LA Guy

Opposite Santa
Mar 8, 2002
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Part of what you're paying for is the service to have that item closer to you so you can try it on, know your size, and be able to judge how it looks on you. You're not just paying someone to remove the risk of shipping. IMO, if a store played a role in your decision, you should support them, if only because, selfishly, having stores like that local to you means you can try out other cool clothes later.
There are things, like the weight or handfeel of the jacket, that you can never see through a picture, no matter how good that picture is. I won't comment on the pricing except to say that I always try to support the retailers that 1) Keep this place alive, and 2) That can offer me services that I simply can't get elsewhere.

@LA Guy , @Understatesman, @sinnedk, any input on the jacket now that you've had it for some time?
I really like mine. Wear it regularly. It was one of two jackets (the other being my unlined real McCoys Type 3) that I wore in Italy just a couple of weeks ago. It's heavy and sturdy but not stiff at all, fits my frame well,. so it's super comfortable as well as pretty cool with the little bits of Good Art jewelry on it. There is a BNWT medium on Ebay, and frankly, if someone doesn't pick it up, after I recover from my latest watch purchase, maybe I'll get it, just as a backup...
The price for it is good... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schott-3Sixteen-Roughout-Horween-519-Perfecto-Leather-jacket-Black-Size-MED-NEW/283751392610?hash=item4210e6a562:g:KloAAOSwh4Bd5a4k


May 31, 2011
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@patrick_b brown. cognac? mahogony?

it’s no prize pony, but it fits me perfectly. and the patina! the patina.

i think i might cut off the side belts.
That's a great find. Good way to spend 70 bucks :)
I'd wear it around a bit before cutting off the side belts. The last times I've modified clothes my reaction has ranged from "why did I bother" to "I'm stupid." The side belts add some character IMO.


Distinguished Member
Aug 13, 2007
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@patrick_b brown. cognac? mahogony?

it’s no prize pony, but it fits me perfectly. and the patina! the patina.

i think i might cut off the side belts.

View attachment 1321947

Damn. Looks fantastic. Depending on how old it is, it may be their octagon color. It has tons of depth, so yours may be a nicely worn version.
Don’t cut off the side tabs. If you ever want to sell it, it will kill the value.
Such a nice score.

This is current octagon.

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Mahatma Jawndi
Dubiously Honored
Apr 10, 2011
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Yea, I'd personally keep the side tabs. I think the jacket looks better with the detail, and you'd retain more of the resale value if you decide to sell it later.

Great find!


Distinguished Member
Mar 30, 2009
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I went to Self Edge in NYC yesterday and tried the FCL James (size 40). It was a great experience.

James is the spring/summer iteration. Shinki horsehide is buttery smooth. Shop owner told me it is 1.3mm, but the jacket is light, to the extent that it feels like thin lamb leather used by fashion houses. The leather has very even and smooth grains. Upon a closer look, the leather feels dense but not stiff. It feels like this jacket can handle some serious beatings and age well (tea core btw). Most horse leather I've seen goes to two directions: either thick and grainy (like Aero) or thick and smooth/shiny. This medium/light weight horse leather has that sheen that really catches me.

It was very comfortable to wear due to the softness of the leather. At size 40 my movements are limited when fully zipped, but I would wear this jacket open at 95% times. Jacket at this thickness I only want to wear it with a Tshirt. With ~20 min of trying it on the sleeves already starting to develop folds. I did't crunch or pushup to further test the effects.

Here are me wearing them

View attachment 1321424
View attachment 1321425

Some detailed shots of the leather texture
View attachment 1321426
View attachment 1321427

Here comes the sad part. This jacket is marked at 1950 USD, quite a steep price. On FCL Japan website it is listed 143000 JPY, about 1300 USD. Shop owner told me the increase in price is mostly due to import duty, shipping, and plus this jacket is Self Edge's made-to-order version. The Japanese version would have different types (I think he wants to say "batches") of leather. I've been searching for a slim fitting flip collar jacket for a long time and finally I've found THE ONE. For me dropping 2k is a bit above the limit. I would happily buy this jacket at 1400 or 1500. Or... I might just go nuts and buy it. Let me chill and think :slapfight:

View attachment 1321431
View attachment 1321433
What size are you normally?

Otherwise, looks pretty darn swell to me!

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