Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned?

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    When my Johnson Leather project was still in discussion with Alan, I asked about possibly using kangaroo leather as I've read about how strong yet lightweight it was. I didn't expect them to have it but they did. Kangaroo was an additional $775 or so to the project, had to humble my self and settle on good ol' cow.
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    775 is a bit overkill but not unresonable for the store. It could be during a time in which Kangaroo leather was scarce and must be imported. Now it's still not popular here but you can buy good skinsfrom Falcon, which took over the business of David Morgan (WA). I love the semi-thick and super thick skin but let's see how pliable they would be after I treat them. The grain texture is perfect, I actually prefer Kangaroo over horsehide.

    It's tough to say which leather is better until you actually touch it. It depends not only on type of skin but also the tanning process. Great goat leather could be more durable than the average horsehide. I actually prefer goat because it has both the strength and the suppleness. Better for jacket/garment making. Calf and lamb are indeed the most popular due to their production and variety.

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