Leather Education and More - December 29, 2013

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    Leather Qualities

    Tonight in StyleForum Clothing Education 101, we turn to leather. What makes leather good, and what makes leather bad? What’s ‘grading’ leather, and what types of leather make the best shoes? Take a read and learn a little more about your clothing.

    Saint Laurent

    How’s Hedi Slimane been doing since he took over YSL and renamed it (unfortunately) to Saint Laurent Paris? The retail side of the brand seems to be doing well – there’s lots of interest in sales, which is a key part of StyleForum, for better or for worse – but what do you think from an aesthetic perspective?

    New Years Eve Help

    Are you an experienced New Years Ever partygoer (is there such a thing?) Help out this poor poster who is in search of tips for fitting in and thriving in an awkward social situation.
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