Last minute decision to go to reunion party--what goes with gray trousers--need some basics

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Farmgate, Oct 10, 2015.

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    I am attending a 30th reunion in five days and am not prepared. The invite for an evening party has very little information and essentially says, "dress casual" whatever that means. The second night is apparently more formal (and I intend to wear a suit).

    For the first event, I am in need of basic advice about what to wear. Since its a party in the evening, in a beautiful hotel, I want to wear something that is colorful, yet blends in and looks sleek and elegant.

    My first piece is a pair of extremely nice medium gray wool trousers I have for any occasion--they have a very slight sheen, and look dressier than your typical pair of medium gray trousers.

    My question is, how do I build on this? I was thinking of a light shirt, a designer black belt and black double monks by Santoni. Also thinking of some Ferragamo loafers, kind of a black suede/leather (which are dressy, sleek, but not as eye-catching as the double monks) . I am in need of putting together this ensemble in three days--again, my goal is to have a very sophisticated look without calling a lot of attention to myself.

    I would appreciate any comments on what I should wear to the party, given the vague dress code, and secondly, if I go with the dress gray trousers, what type of shirt, shoes and belt should I wear? Brown? Black? Should I go with a dark shirt, such as dark blue? Would you wear a sports coat just in case the first party turns out to be more formal?

    Thank you for your time and comments.

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    Grey slacks. White shirt. Sports coat. No tie. Black or brown shoes(depending on sports coat.) Belt(doesn't have to be "designer.")

    Don't overthink this.

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