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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by bigbadbuff, Jul 14, 2004.

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    went to both the Mazza Gallerie store and Tyson's Corner (D.C.) today and came out feeling more than a little upset I drove 3 hours to get there.

    - The best (of a very, very limited selection) shoes they had on sale were Ferragamo Studio. Now I personally like this line and the prices were pretty good, but I was expecting a lot more variety from this level up.

    - The clothing prices were very underwhelming for the most part. I don't know what I was expecting as this is my first 'Last', but all Brioni, Borrelli, Prada, and Kiton dress shirts were still $200+; Sportcoats and suits seemed to only be, WITH the LC % factored in, about 50% off. I noticed on more than 1 item that the 'sale price' was about 10% off, so with the LC you truly are only getting 50% on a LOT of items. Yes 50% is nothing to sneeze at, but as I said I was expecting a lot more. There were a couple deals though... top of the line Incotex trousers down to $160... Zanella trousers down to $120. Studio 'Gamos for under $200.

    - The salesmen I encountered were almost all terrible, something I've never experienced in a NM. I don't know if it's b/c of the sale but they were pushing like used car guys, and doing the old 'follow around and point out items/make small talk even though I've made it clear I'm not interested' thing. At the Mazza store I was able to take the shirt I bought right out of the store; Tyson's Corner was still making people wait until tomorrow- saw a lady get furious over that.

    - No more Edward Green AT ALL. Only about 5 pairs of Lobbs, everything else was the standard Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada offerings.

    Saks had a decent sale going, picked up a great Varvatos shirt for about 60% off. They just got in a ton of fall items at the Tyson's store, and re-affirmed my belief that Canali is making the best suits/sportcoats for the money out there (that fit me well at least).

    SO AGAIN, if anyone knows of a Neiman that still has some Purple Lable Cardiffs in several sizes left, please post it here or PM me.. I'm going to resort to calling a lot of them tomorrow and just asking.

    Most surprising thing for me: D&G, whose items I never like, had a LOT of great looking pieces at Mazza's Saks. Would have gotten several had they been on sale...

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