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Lacoste/RL Polos


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Feb 5, 2005
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This is my 1st post but am having trouble decieding what to get. I'm 20 years old and wear a lot of Abercrombie but am trying to get away from wearing so much A&F. I feel that their clothing quality and style has been on the decline.

I'm looking at getting me some Lacoste or RL Polo shirts for the spring/summer. What would you recommend between the two?

I also have read that Lacoste sizes run larger. I'm honeslty not sure what size I should get. If it helps any, my chest is 40" at the top of the chest w/ my hands down.

Thanks much,


Senior Member
Feb 6, 2004
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If you are reasonably fit, go for size 4 (Lacoste) or custom fit M/regular fit S (Polo Ralph Lauren). Both are high quality shirts. Lacoste's cotton might be marginally better and Lacoste uses pearl buttons. However, Polo Ralph Lauren fits some individuals better and their collar is smaller. Try both and choose the one in which you look better.


Stylish Dinosaur
Apr 19, 2004
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This is from another post I wrote on the buying and selling forum:;t=7609 Two points: First, the primary difference between Lacoste polo's, which are made in Peru compared to those, which are made in France, is that the Lacoste logo is embroidered on the shirt in the French made polo's, whereas in the Peruvian counterparts the logo is a patch, which is sewn onto the shirt. Since, embroidering the logo onto the shirt is much more labor intensive and costly, the French made shirts are of better quality than those made in Peru for that reason. The quality of the fabric, the MOP buttons, and the quality of the stitching is the same on either polo, regardless which side of the Atlantic it was manufactured. As well, the cut of the shirts tends to be the same or close enough to be distinguishable. Unfortunately, for my rational, for $70 a pop the logo should be embroidered and not simply a pre-fabricated, sewn-on patch. Thus, if you want a Lacoste with an embroidered logo, you have two choices: either purchase one manufactured in France or purchase one from the high-end Platinum Line, although these have a Platinum-colored logo instead of the typical green. Just to mention for comparison: RL Polo's are now made in Bolivia, and the quality of the cotton for the most part has increased, when compared to the previous offerings manufactured in different parts of Asia. In Addition: RL Polo's do in fact fit better, i.e. a Small Custom-Fit RL Polo is indeed smaller than the smallest size offering from Lacoste, a "˜2' I think. As well, you can always purchase Regular-Fit RL Polo's; thus if you want to go for a slimmer athletic look you can, whereas if you want a looser fit you can achieve that as well. As mentioned by Gregory, the Lacoste collar is indeed larger and "˜sits' on you rather than around your neck as does the RL Polo shirt. Alas, it all comes down to which look you like. Also the placket is wider on the RL Polo's thus you are able to wear it with both buttons undone and it will sit al most perfectly with equal left / right balance, whereas the Lacoste's to me always look a little lopsided IMHO when unbuttoned. At the end you should just try both on and see which on you like more. Jon.


Distinguished Member
Jul 28, 2003
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why limit yourself to those 2 brands? i would suggest a shirt without a logo. i have a couple of banana republic polos from a few years back and they've held up very well. also, american apparel has a polo shirt with a breast pocket which they call a leisure shirt. if you have a 40" chest, like me, i suggest a large. it will still be slim fitting.

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