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Jun 2, 2015
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Got my replica stuff in, thanks @MIKE_JE

I thought I’d give you guys my initial thoughts…


When I opened the package I was impressed by the weight of these items. They are hefty, burly materials. They weigh a ton. Perfect for cold midwestern winters, TBH I’m not even sure it is cold enough in the south to warrant these yet, but damn are they cozy.

the fleece is a heavy 26oz fleeced terry. Similar to the previous replica stuff. The hand feel is dry and crisp.


I think because of the dyeing process the material has “structure” to it. Which is something I miss with a lot of the other Mainline JE offerings. That structure is what allows it to “stack” rather than bunch up at the hems/cuffs. I remember my older replica stuff having a similar hand feel initially; after numerous washes the dry/crisp feeling dissipated. That isn’t a bad thing, the material grew soft to the touch with wear and washes and now is one of my favorite items I own…hefty but soft with some structure.

I opted for the vintage black. In my mind I was hoping for something similar to the prior replica black.

as you can see in the pic above, the previous iteration of replica stuff was a deep, saturated garment dyed black (maybe not as black as fabric dyed black, but what do you expect with garment dying?).
when compared to the vintage black (left), the OG replica black (right) is far more saturated. The garment dye process gives it the subtle faded vintage look, but it isn’t overwhelming or washed out. (This piece has been washed more times than I can count and still looks great imo). The vintage black (which JE has used a handful of times before) is more of a charcoal; reminiscent of a (wait for it) vintage black sweatshirt. I’ve been seeing this color a lot as of late, and to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. The vintage black has more red/green undertones to it, whereas the OG black has more blue undertones. I’m not sure how they made the vintage black, but it looks like a garment dyed sweatshirt with a pigment dye treatment. The effect is cool, but I worry if we will run into the same issue the 26oz (GOAT) LA sweatpants had; ie color transfer, especially with spot cleaning. If it is pigment dyed, we can expect a bit of crocking, so maybe not a great of idea to wear with whites until washed. @MIKE_JE, any insight/help regarding the dyeing process would be helpful.
The other issue I have with the color a personal one; a lot of my wardrobe is saturated black. Sometimes the juxtaposition of vintage black against true black can be stark (added picture for example, this is with daze coast, which is a slightly washed out black)

The plus side is, this piece will work well with all the washed out colors this season; so if you’ve purchased a lot this season from JE or have a lot of washed out earth tones/vintage items you should be good.


The fit is hands down the best I’ve seen JE produce. I went with a medium in both the top and the bottoms. I’m 5’10” 160lbs, mostly all legs, usually a 29/30 in denim, small in everything else. I usually go with a medium in all terry bottoms, I’m not a big fan of tight sweatpants. My wife is also know for drying my terry 😭. Thank god this stuff is garment dyed (minimal shrinkage)


I couldn’t be happier with the fit. I think it’s perfectly oversized. Not too big and not too skinny. Perfectly “slim” pants and a OS cropped hoodie 🤯. I have overly long legs and the pants hit right at my ankles. The hoodie fits a little under my belt line (yes it’s cropped). I am not sure I could pull off a small, it likely would have been way too cropped on me. The sleeves are long, but due to the structure they more so stack rather than bunching at the cuff. the hood is small as is the neck hole. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it wasn’t a tad hard to get on and off, but it wasn’t impossible by any means. Short end of the story. I’d say, If in doubt about the sizing of the hoodie, I’d say size up; a little extra room and length never hurt anyone.

All the construction is beautiful. I didn’t see any frays or crooked seams. Everything looked put together exceptionally well. One thing worth mentioning is that the hoodie is based off the OS cropped hoodie, therefore the construction is different than the replica crew.

The crew used top stitched seams on top of the shoulders and double top stitched seams at the joint; the replica hoodie on the other hand uses simple seams.
The only place where this varies is on the back of the hood, where it looks like the hood is secured using flat felled seam. On the interior side the serged hem is covered using taping, which is a nice touch (I’m guessing to prevent irritation along your neck?).

Go true to size in the sweatpants, and either true to size on the hoodie or size up one depending on how you want it to fit (if in doubt, size up)

These replica products are very, very nice. They are constructed beautifully, the fit is on point, and the materials are grandiose. It’s everything you’d expect for what it costs, this isn’t something you’re going to get in hand and question it’s value. You can feel it when you pick it up. I’m excited to see how this material ages with some wear and washes. I imagine it will soften up like my old replica crew, and if true this is going to be something that I’ll have for ages.
All said I do love this replica group, but I do hope for a few things.
1. I do hope we end up getting a crewneck. 2. I’d love to see this material used for mainline. I think we could forego the pigment dye/vintage treatment and stick with a regular dye or just garment dye process. I’d love to see a bit more saturation in the colors and a more palatable price point, but that’s just me being greedy and wanting more.

Anyway, I’ll try to capture some pics in the morning.


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Dec 10, 2016
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Do some sort of transitional outerwear with it.
1. Quarter zip or half zip
2. Overshirt/chore coat
3. Cardigan/noragi
The structure cardigan was kind of like a replica/folsom. It was heavy and distressed but I agree a true replica option would be nice. Both Quarter zip & Kake would be good silhouettes


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Jan 6, 2020
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Any silhouettes besides the crew you guys would like to see in Replica?
I'd be pretty keen for a zipped outer, a bomber style outer would be great in this heavyweight fabric. Zipped hoodie would be good too but bomber style would be a bit more unique


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Jan 30, 2015
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Do some sort of transitional outerwear with it.
1. Quarter zip or half zip
2. Overshirt/chore coat
3. Cardigan/noragi
Strongly agree on a quarter zip. Very versatile and can transition to the office a bit more easily.

Would be nice with hidden side pockets similar to the Scout to keep a clean front.


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Apr 30, 2020
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+1 for Escobars . Then just more colors . IDE be into nice grey replica hoodie .


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Nov 24, 2020
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Awesome analysis and review. I too would love to know if the vintage black replica hoodie should be avoided for any kind of spot cleaning and if it’s a delicate dye that would fade/smudge before I inevitably spill coffee on it

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