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Dec 10, 2016
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Holy shit I've been waiting for these I hope it's true, I don't see anything that says it's raw graphite
They have updated the site but it did say raw graphite at the time of drop. hopefully we do see a grey pair soon because as other members I’m so ready for a grey pair.


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Jan 28, 2014
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Pants from today look very GAP-ish . I'm good.
I thought the same lol. Im sure the quality is better but the overall look for me isn't worth paying a premium if i wanted pants like that.


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Jun 3, 2018
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In my experience VF pieces are a bit baggier than the Raglan hoodies and crews. I wear a size L in all my hoodies and crews. I wear size M in all my JE tees. Height:5.8. Jeans: usually a 32 or 31. So all my VF is size L.


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Jun 29, 2017
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Pants from today look very GAP-ish . I'm good.
My thought exactly :rotflmao:, why would I pay $250 when I can buy practically the same thing at any Gap for $40.

Really excited about the iodine and grey washes. Of course, I just bought a pair of Scarabs and a second pair of Nimbus's :brick:. For the Nimbus's, I didn't realize how much the wash varies or maybe it's just that the newer pairs are more washed out. My first pair looks somewhat similar to the Iodine's with just a slightly lighter base blue but my newer Nimbus's look more similar to the Indigo Dillion's wash-wise. I like my old wash a lot more but they've bagged out way too much and I am starting to get back down to my regular weight (RIP a closet full of JE size 36 denim).

I was just about to buy the Iodine's in 34 on Alazlea but, of course, they are already sold out of every size but 31 and 32 (not to mention they didn't even bother bringing in sizes 28,29,36,38. I understand not bringing in the extreme ends of a size curve for a smaller store but here we are, on practically the first day they've been put out for the season and almost every size is sold out. In the US, size 34 accounts for 55% of pants sold and size 36 accounts for 35% (The two most bought sizes despite the avg waist being 39"). So they've already discluded 90% of their potential market with just those two sizes being gone. Even if we assume their target market skews smaller than avg (28-30 is out too) we can conservatively say they have discluded 70%+ of potential sales on the first day! Yeah, the price may have a bit to do with it but only a few of us even know about that. I just do not understand how buyers can continuously see the tail ends (and even the center!) of their size curves sell out on the first few days of the season and not think to buy more robustly next time. How do you expect to grow comps?? Seriously, there is almost no cost to capture those potential sales as you can almost guarantee you'll move the stock for cost or more. Today alone they probably could have sold 2x-3x more of the Iodine's.

On a brighter note, it's nice to see that for the most part, JE is trying to keep their prices wrangled in this season.
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