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jgold47's what to wear for my wedding/make fun of me thread


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Mar 23, 2008
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I am getting married in about 60 days. Need to solicit you guys for some advice on what to wear.

here's the skinny.

Groomsmen are wearing your basic 2 button notch lapel black tux's with black ties. The look I was going for was James Bond in Casino Royale.

Of course they dont really have anything that nice. I wanted a slim, low stance 1 button with flat pants, and no grosgrain....

I have some options

1. Rent the same tux, but do my own thing - different tie (I wanted to wear a skinnier black tie vs. bow tie to differentiate), different shoes, different accessories (basically rent the tux to wear like a suit

2. Buy a black suit, and have the **** tailored out of it (I will get to this in a second)

3. wear the same tux, and look just like my groomsmen.

Now, onto the fit part.

I am misshapen. No two ways around it. I am short and stocky with a huge upper chest (and these days everything else). I am not magically going to slim down in the next 60 days, so thats out. My problem with the rented tux's is that I tend to look stupid in them as they are usually cut so full and drapy that they make me look even bigger than I already am. My hope was with that a cheapish black suit, I could have it tailored to a better fit

Discuss. and no your not getting fit pics....


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May 19, 2007
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Look, seeing how this is MC the knee jerk reaction would be a preference for rules over you know, actual fit. To be completely honest, rented tuxedos are an abomination and look terrible. Sure, it's cheaper, but it's just money down the drain on something you will undoubtedly not look good in and probably end up unhappy with. Ideally, you could get a MTM or Bespoke Tuxedo because hey, it's your wedding and if your wife to be is going to be dropping cash to look great why can't you? Of course, that's not practical because how many times would you actually wear such an item? So that leaves two options, both of which will probably be highly controversial on this forum but whatever. 1.) Wear a suit and dress it is a suit. Probably something clean and simple, with a matching vest. 2.) Fake a tuxedo with a black suit. Dark colored suit + bowtie and cummerbund. I can already see the aneurysms many MCers are having at the very thought of this idea. The benefits of this idea is that you get that clean Tuxedo look without dropping the cash on one and are left with a really well fitting suit you can use in the future. The current trend of multi button Tuxedos and notch lapels makes them pretty indistinguishable to most people, so in all honesty most people probably won't even know. Obviously the results will look a lot cleaner if say your suit was one button and peak lapeled but that's up to you. And if you're still doubting, here's me at Prom bluffing a tuxedo with a *gasp* two button Navy notch lapel Thick as Thieves suit.
All in all, no one could even tell that the fabric was navy as opposed to black, and aside from the cost of the suit (which I get a lot of use from) I only had to purchase a cummerbund and bowtie. Just remember that it's your day too, and you want to look good for YOURSELF. Most people's standard of dress is so low it really won't matter what you wear, and being bound by stupid rules just because "some guy in the internet said so" could result in you renting a fugly Tuxedo.

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