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Japanese Boot / Shoe Appreciation Thread (White Cloud, Rolling Dub Trio, John Lofgren, Clinch, etc.


New Member
Jun 13, 2022
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Posted this on another forum, but I think the level of boot expertise is a little better over here…

So I just took delivery of some Lofgren M43 Service Shoes, the 10th anniversary in Italian veg-tan leather. The boots look spectacular, fit great, but there is one issue I’m a little unsure of.

On the left boot, on the inner heel area, there is a section of leather that has raised lines and wrinkles on it. Under my fingernail, they feel like kind of thin, raised tubes, kind of like long bubbles… Like thin top pieces of the leather are separated from the rest of hide. Which I’ve read is what loose grain feels like. Dunno if it‘s that or not, but whatever it is, it looks a bit strange to me, especially when the rest of the boots are basically flawless.

Or maybe I’m just being OCD.

So gentlemen, in your learned opinions, is this okay on a pair of Lofgrens, am I just being precious? Pics, below, first three are of the left boot, fourth is of the right boot in the same area, which has no issues.

Many thanks!
The left side of my brand new Combat Boots in black Shinki tea core HB also has the similar sign but less dramatic.


New Member
Feb 8, 2022
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Great boot and build for the money!
Hi, a pair of handsome boots! Any chance of sharing your opinion/review on them? I'm in the market and deciding between these and the JL Combat boots. Any views/advice is welcomed.

E. coli

Senior Member
Apr 12, 2011
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Hi, a pair of handsome boots! Any chance of sharing your opinion/review on them? I'm in the market and deciding between these and the JL Combat boots. Any views/advice is welcomed.
Thanks, I'm not sure my feedback will be useful in that I've only had two wears in them and have not owned a pair of JL boots. I can say that the construction is top notch, the Maryam horsebutt leather although very stiff is nice and full of texture and robustness. I particularly enjoy the room the toe box provides as my feet are on the wide side, I believe more room than the current Viberg 2030 last and very comfortable. At the going price now it's a fantastic value compared to the JL. Good luck!

sartoria vacua

Senior Member
Feb 1, 2015
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hey - just found this thread, thought i'd mention am offering

JL steadfast chukka boots - burgundy french calf, tag size 11.5. from the first S&S steadfast preorder ca. late 2018. LNIB with a whisper of crease at a vamp edge to right shoe from box storage. worn to confirm fit only and forever closet kit - never pulled into rotation, i've bonded with other JL makeups since.

if you've seen the steadfast chukkas in 10.5 recently on the 'bay, these are the same. can do $360 + shipping via conversation here. conus preferred - can research standard carrier estimates if elsewhere. includes original box and catalog.

AFA7ACF3-9425-40DC-B86B-2B70F22CB0A1.jpeg 98127CE4-9DFE-439A-B488-B2BD44EFC6EC.jpeg A7B7C23E-AFFB-4F40-A175-8F2CFA306C5E.jpeg B962160F-ED10-4873-AC9A-E45179BB79EF.jpeg 1A6FDB75-E4B5-4414-8DBA-2A2E6C2A1B89.jpeg



Apr 4, 2012
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Would anyone be interested in an almost unworn pair of John Lofgren m43 boots in a size 10.5? Bought a few days ago but made a sizing mistake. John Lofgren (as far as I can tell) uses UK sizing so the 10.5 I bought is really more of a 11.5 US, making them a size too big.
Happy to supply pictures if there's any interest
Only real signs they've been worn is some light wear to the sole and the light imprint of my orthotic insole on the sock liner. Otherwise they're basically flawless.
Hi, pls send pics, might be interested.

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