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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by webzeb, May 29, 2016.

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    I am 31-year and I am looking for new suits for the following occasions:
    • Spring/summer suit(s) for daily work-wear. (Dress code is very informal in my company, so nothing overdressed.)
    • Fall/winter suit(s) for daily work-wear. (Same thing. Please note I live in northern Europe: we use dedicated clothes and appropriate layering for outside - where it can be damn cold - but it is generally overheated inside. Thus, I do not need a very warm suit.)
    • Something more formal for interviews and weddings.

    I know the title is not very appealing, but I am skinny with very narrow shoulders, very long arms and long legs and often have trouble to find something that fits me well:
    • 64kg (141lbs)
    • 1.79m (5'10")
    • neck: 37cm (14.5")
    • shoulders(*): 40.5cm (15.7")
      (*) Measured sewing to sewing, straight, on a made-to-mesure shirt that fits me almost perfectly. I got a slightly higher figure - about 42 (16.5") - if I follow the curvature of my back.
    • arms(**): 69.5cm (27.2")
      (**) Measured top of shoulder sewing to sleeve end on a made-to-mesure shirt. (Sleeves go to thumb metacarpal to first phalanx joint when unbuttoned and arms laying along the body. They stop about to thumb first joint when buttoned.)
    • chest: 89cm (35")
    • upper waist: 78cm (30.7")
    • lower waist: 82cm (32.3")
    • hips: 93cm (36.6")
    • inseam: 87cm (34.3")
    It is especially difficult when it comes to shirts - they don't fit and/or sleeves are way too short.

    I was considering several options, including J Crew Ludlow, Suit Supply Sienna and Washington (the latter being the slimmest fit but also more 'structured': I do not know if it is good idea). I am very worried about the fitting considering my 'non-conventional' body shape and unfortunately there is no shop in my area.

    Budget is 400€ +/-200€ per suit.

    Many thanks for your help!


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