ITT: Famous Music "Samples," Covers, and Straight Up Ripoffs

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    Thought this would be a fun idea for a thread. I always enjoy this sort of thing:

    I'll start with "Apache," which became "Jump on It."

    The original:


    The cover by the Incredible Bongo Band (my favorite version):


    Sampled by the Sugarhill Gang:

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    Jul 15, 2009

  3. jrd617

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    Jul 15, 2009
    "Yeah, the beginning of that bloody Phantom song is from Echoes. *DAAAA-da-da-da-da-da*. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. It's the same time signature—-it's 12/8—-and it's the same structure and it's the same notes and it's the same everything. Bastard. It probably is actionable. It really is! But I think that life's too long to bother with suing Andrew fucking Lloyd Webber."

    -Roger Waters

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    Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth and Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. Nearly identical chords.

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Most sampled song ever:


    A Tribe Called Quest - "Seperate / Together"
    Above the Law - "Murder Rap"
    Above the Law - "Untouchables"
    Above the Law - "What Cha Can Prove"
    Allison Williams - "Sleep Talk"
    Another Def Creation - "The Beat Keeper"
    Awesome Dre - "Frankly Speaking"
    Beastie Boys - "Shadrach"
    Big Daddy Kane - "Mortal Combat"
    Biz Markie - "Spring Again"
    Black Rock & Ron - "Stop the World"
    Breeze - "Great Big Freak"
    BWP - "A Different Category"
    Cash Money & Marvelous - "Drawers"
    Choice MC - "Bad A-s Bitch"
    Chubb Rock - "Bump the Floor"
    Chubb Rock - "Talkin' Loud, Ain't Sayin' Jack"
    Coldcut - "Say Kids, What Time is It?"
    Compton's Most Wanted - "The Final Chapter"
    Compton's Most Wanted - "Wanted"
    Convicts - "I Like Boning"
    CPO - "Flow to the Rhythm"
    Criminal Nation - "I'm Rollin'"
    Criminal Nation - "Insane"
    Criminal Nation - "It's a Black Thing"
    Criminal Nation - "The Right Crowd"
    De la Soul - "Oodles of O's"
    Deep Forest - "Deep Forest"
    Depeche Mode - "My Joy"
    Derek B - "Get Down"
    Derek B - "Human Time Bomb"
    Digable Planets - "Where I'm From"
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "2 Damn Hype"
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Hip Hop Dancer's Theme"
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Jazzy's Groove"
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Magnificent Jazzy Jeff"
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Pump up the Bass"
    DJ Mark the 45 King ft Lakim Shabazz - "When a Wise Man Speaks"
    DJ Master T - "Wind Me Up"
    DOC - "Let the Bass Go"
    Domination - "Back at it Again"
    Dr. Dre - "Let Me Ride"
    Eazy-E - "We Want Eazy"
    Enigma - "Carly's Song"
    Eric B and Rakim - "Lyrics of Fury"
    Eric B and Rakim - "Relax with Pep"
    Father MC - "Ain't it Funky"
    Fine Young Cannibals - "I'm Not the Man I Used to Be"
    Freddie Foxx - "F. F. is Here"
    Fresh 4 - "Wishing on a Star"
    Gang Starr - "2 Deep"
    George Michael - "Waiting for That Day/You Can't Always Get. . ."
    Geto Boys - "Mind of a Lunatic"
    Geto Boys - "Read These Nikes"
    Goats - "TV Cops"
    Gus Gus - "Purple"
    Guy - "I Like"
    Hard Knocks - "A Blow to the Head"
    Heavy D - "Peaceful Journey"
    Heavy D - "We Got Our Own Thang"
    Hi-C - "Take a Ride"
    HWA - "Trick is a Trick"
    Ice Cube - "Endangered Species"
    Ice Cube - "Jackin' for Beats"
    Ice T - "I Ain't New Ta This"
    Ice T - "Original Gangster"
    Ice T - "Radio Suckers"
    James Brown - "She Looks All Types A' Good"
    Jaz - "The Originators"
    Kid 'N Play - "Foreplay"
    Kid 'N Play - "Slippin'"
    Kid Sensation - "Emergency"
    King Sun - "King Sun with the Sword"
    Kool G Rap - "It's a Demo"
    Kool G Rap - "The Butcher Shop"
    Kool Moe Dee - "Bad, Bad, Bad"
    Kool Moe Dee - "I'm Blowing Up"
    Kool Moe Dee - "Knowledge is King"
    Korn & the Dust Brothers - "Kick the P.A."
    Kris Kross - "Jump"
    Kris Kross - "Lil' Boys in Da Hood"
    Kwame - "The Rhythm"
    Lakim Shabazz - "Black is Back"
    Leaders of the New School - "Sobb Story"
    Leaders of the New School - "Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense"
    LL Cool J - "Boomin' System"
    LL Cool J - "Fast Peg"
    LL Cool J - "Mama Said Knock You Out"
    LL Cool J - "Nitro"
    LL Cool J - "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"
    Low Profile - "Make Room for. . ."
    Maestro Fresh Wes - "Let Your Backbone Slide"
    Mantronix - "Fresh is the Word"
    Mantronix ft Wondress - "Got to Have Your Love"
    Marky Mark - "Good Vibrations"
    Master Cylinder - "It's Rhythm Part 1"
    Masters at Work - "Jus' a Lil' Dope"
    MC Lyte - "Brooklyn"
    MC Shan - "So Def"
    MC Shan - "So Fresh"
    MC Smooth - "Blow the Whistle"
    Mellow Man Ace - "Hypest from Cypress"
    Mellow Man Ace - "River Cubano"
    Michel'le - "No More Lies"
    Michie Mee - "Jamaican Funk Canadian Style"
    Ministere Amer - "Traitres"
    Mistress & DJ Madame E - "Hypergroove"
    Mistress & DJ Madame E - "Show 'em How We Play"
    MMG - "Only the Strong Survive"
    Mobb Deep - "Flavor for the Non-Believes"
    Nas - "Get Down"
    Naughty by Nature - "Hot Potato"
    Naughty by Nature - "Ready for Dem"
    New Order - "Ruined in a Day"
    Nikki D - "Freak Accident"
    Nikki D - "Gotta up the Ante for the Panties"
    Nine Inch Nails - "Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)"
    No Face - "Half"
    NWA - "Fuck tha Police"
    NWA - "Quiet on tha Set"
    P-Funk All Stars - "Dope Dogs"
    Paperboy - "The Nine Yards"
    Paris - "I Call Him Mad"
    Paris - "On the Prowl"
    Paris - "The Devil Made Me Do It"
    Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Go with the Flow"
    Pharcyde - "Officer"
    Prince - "Gangster Glam"
    Prince - "Gett Off"
    Prince - "My Name is Prince"
    Prince Johnny C - "Comin' to Get Ya"
    Prince Johnny C - "Kevey Kev is a Dancer with Soul"
    Public Enemy - "Bring the Noise"
    Public Enemy - "Bring the Noise"
    Public Enemy - "Fight the Power"
    Public Enemy - "Hazy Shade of Criminal"
    Public Enemy - "Rebel Without a Pause"
    Public Enemy - "She Watch Channel Zero"
    Public Enemy - "Terminator X to the Edge of Panic"
    Public Enemy - "The Enemy Assault Vehicle Mixx"
    Queen - "We Are the Champions"
    Redman - "Rated R"
    Roxanne Shante - "Have a Nice Day"
    Run-DMC - "Back from Hell"
    Run-DMC - "Beats to the Rhyme"
    Run-DMC - "Run's House"
    Run-DMC - "Word is Born"
    Salt-N-Pepa - "Let the Rhythm Run"
    Scarface - "Born Killer"
    Sinead O'Connor - "I Am Stretched on Your Grave"
    Sir Mix-A-Lot - "No Holds Barred"
    Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot - "No Remorse (I Wanna Die)"
    Slick Rick - "The Moment I Feared"
    Smooth Ice - "I'm Coming"
    Smooth Ice - "Without a Pause"
    Sons of Bazerk - "One Time for the Rebel"
    South Central Cartel - "Neighborhood Jacka"
    Stetsasonic - "DBC Let the Music Play"
    Stetsasonic - "Sally"
    Stetsasonic - "Speaking of a Girl Named Suzy"
    Stetsasonic - "The Hip Hop Band"
    Stop the Violence Movement - "Self-Destruction"
    Style - "Victim to the Vinyl"
    Sublime - "Scarlet Begonias"
    Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - "Do the James"
    Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - "Let the Drummer Get Ill"
    Sweet T - "My Beat"
    Tim Dog - "Goin Wild in the Penile"
    Tim Dog - "Low Down Nigga"
    TLC - "Shock Dat Monkey"
    True Mathematics - "For the Lover in You"
    Tung Twista - "No Peace Sign"
    Tupac ft Richie Rich - "Lie to Kick It"
    Ultramagnetic MCs - "Give the Drummer Some"
    Ultramagnetic MCs - "Moe Love on the One & Two"
    Vanilla Ice - "Stop That Train"
    Wagon Christ - "Filthy Drummer"
    WC & the Maad Circle - "Ghetto Serenade"
    Yomo & Maulkie - "Mockingbird"
    YZ - "Return of the Holy One"
    Z-Trip - "Rockstar"
    Z-Trip - "Rockstar 2"
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