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ISO: Best suited Bespoke eye glasses for me (Southern California vendors pref. but can do international if quality is superior)


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May 20, 2006
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2 questions: Recommend a bespoke vendor and what glasses suit me best

Having worn glasses for more than 30 years and being time for an eye exam as well as new frames I'm seriously considering some bespoke frames. Due to the nature, and likely cost, of the project I'm looking for someone with some fashion sense that can not only create awesome frames but help with suggestions for the perfect pair suited for my face. I'm looking for material that's obviously high quality to the naked / untrained eye. Maybe that's buffalo horn? I don't know. I live in Southern California and my guess is it's probably ideal to meet with the maker in person for measurements, etc. However, if quality is superior elsewhere perhaps I can get my measurements here and order them from overseas (Italy, England, etc.). In addition to trying to find a vendor I'd also like to ask for some opinions/suggestions on what style frames would look best on me. I'll post some of my thoughts and please let me know if you can recommend any vendors or even what style of frame might suit me the best. Thanks!

  1. I have green eyes and am looking for frames that will bring them out and accentuate them. Recommendations I have read say brown or gold frames (maybe even tortoise).
  2. Being a guy I'm no expert on this but from my reading it sounds like I have Fair Skin w/ Warm Undertones (my veins at my wrist look green in natural light). I'm still confused somewhat on this because my face does have a lot of pink/reddish but I'm not super pale in examples I've seen of cool undertones.
  3. Oval Shaped Face (rough measurements I took myself to arrive at that: across forehead 5", across cheeks 6", across jaw 5.5", vertical 7"). I would say it's softer than sharper as I don't have defined cheekbones or jawline. Because of this I'll probably go with more hard lines on the glasses than curves/round shapes.
  4. I have always worn vintage frames, likely from the '50s and '60s, so I do like that style but am open to anything. I'm older now so if there's something that's better suited for me I'm all for it. I really just want glasses that high quality is apparent and that make me look my best.
  5. (Golden) Brown Hair I was thinking of a brown fade similar to these: https://allynscura.com/products/ase-legend-031-19 but better quality material. Maybe buffalo horn like this: https://www.cubitts.com/us/glasses/judd-horn?color=ebony-streaked This is a similar frame but interesting with the green: https://allynscura.com/products/ase-legend-031-21 I wonder if we used green in a bespoke frame if it would bring out my eyes?
I appreciate your time and am looking forward to your advice. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks again.
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Aug 29, 2013
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No direct experience myself but just to help your search along: Maison Bonnet (Paris and ?London), perhaps @poorsod can weigh in. Friedrich’s Optik is based in NYC and Palm Beach.
If you’re going to go custom, I’d ask the maker for suggestions rather than going in with too many preconceived notions about what may or may not work for your face shape, skin tone, etc.

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