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    After being a lurking consumer of this forum for several years, I finally decided to join and engage in the conversation. I am a guy that has long been called a "clothes horse" by friends and family. I am not even sure where that turn of phrase originated but, yea, I will admit to being something like that.

    For me, daily work dress tends toward moderate suits in a more conservative range but I enjoy adding a less conservative element. In the business environment I find myself, suits are not typically the norm except for higher ranking people. My personal perspective is that dressing well shows some respect for my position and the people that work for and with me whom I often represent in public and less casual fora than that of the office. I am a frequent business traveler and factor those needs in to my overall wardrobe planning and purchases. Weekends and evenings for me might involve dinners out, hosting friends, and a variety of athletic pursuits.

    I look forward to some interesting interaction here! I don't know why I delayed so long engaging.

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