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LA Guy

Opposite Santa
Supporting Member
Mar 8, 2002
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This is a thread in which you introduce yourself, regulars and new members alike. This is one thread I'd like to keep reasonably civil and reasonably clean, so, let's do that, okay?

I'll start. I'm Fok, one of the adminstrators on the forum. I have a bunch of kids and live in Idaho. If anyone told me any of the above 6 years ago, I would have wanted whatever they were smoking.

I wear jeans 24/7 - mostly Triple Works and RRL, and otherwise, have a lot of belts and overpriced Italian made sneakers. I mix up Wings+Horns, RRL, Jil Sander, Margiela, Haversack, Woolrich Woolen Mills, and SNS Herning,

Hope that you guys have a good time on the forum.




Senior Member
Aug 1, 2007
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I'm Teja. I joined the forum four years ago soon after I graduated high school. :embar: At the time I couldn't even comprehend the price of wardrobes for many here. Can't even recall how I got here... I don't really post a whole lot, but I do lurk on a very regular basis. I definitely owe a lot of new interests that I've picked up to this forum. Everything from fragrances (which led to lurk Basenotes for a while...) to investing to drinking tea and soon enough... wine (been lurking some of the threads over at Social...)

I'm still just as poor as when I first joined the forum but I do have my first proper job so it's just a matter of time before I update my wardrobe so that it's somewhat respectable. Just retired my APCs so on the hunt for a new pair...
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Distinguished Member
May 25, 2009
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willpower here. I like Danish Pancakes sprinkled with Cinnamon. I can't justify spending more than $100 on jeans so I mostly wear Levi's Heshers. I have wide feet so I'm limited as to the brands of shoes I can wear. I'm a dilettante of colognes. I do open mic standup comedy at least once a week but I rarely enjoy the experience. You've heard the comeback "Oh yeah? That's what you think!!!". - I invented that. And Carlos Mencia stole it from me.

Danish Pancakes
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in stitches

Stylish Dinosaur
Spamminator Moderator
Supporting Member
Oct 10, 2010
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im in stitches/IS/stitcy/stitch....

i post a lot, like A LOT, and im a creeper. and can often be found in DT, and i work in retail.

i usually wear jeans/shorts and a polo or t-shirt due to work, but i wish i was able to wear tailored clothing more often. i badly want to get a pair of MTO G&Gs

i love, and i mean love fine watches.

i will be monitoring this thread like a hawk.
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Aug 14, 2011
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Hi all. Names rapheal. Im a young 26 y old art director for a major media company here in manhattan. Worked my way up from a gas station attendant at age 14 to where i am now. My style has improved throughout my years as i matured and studied some things i liked about mens fashion. Im at the point where i need to make the next step. I have a closet of a collection of over 130+ sneakers of which i hary wear. About a dozen new pairs of winter boots. Alot i mean alot of button downs in easy on the eye colors and stripped casual patterns and about 25 pair of denim(non tailored). I came here to really learn about how i should refine my style. I want to know about every stitch, cuff, denim, material, undergarmet, accessory and even shoe and belt combos. I am ambitious and know what i would like but i just dont know where to start. Its time to tailor my style. Im going to lurk and read up but i just wanted to introduce myself. All being said... Hello all!


Stylish Dinosaur
Spamminator Moderator
Mar 13, 2006
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I'm "acidboy" - and that name doesn't mean anything at all...

- I'm straight, married and have 2 kids- hoping to add one more to the brood in the future.
- I have never contributed anything of substance to this forum.
- I like the mc stuff, but my life is not mc-stuff, and I lead a jeans and shorts kind of lifestyle. no jorts.
- I've met a few guys here irl, and they're all great. in bed. (j/k)
- I drink a lot and smoke sometimes.
- I don't have anything more to say right now.


Distinguished Member
Jan 7, 2009
Reaction score
I've been dubbed Gale. I'm young, beautiful, and working on getting laid. I came to this forum after going on an esquire kick in highschool. Then I realized that I really don't need to spend the money on clothes. I spend most of my time in DT, general, and Cess. I <3 teh stock market and own a cat even though I'm a dog person.
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Not left of center?
Dec 5, 2006
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Fok, good thread.

I think I hold the record for most over all posts here. I wonder if I could be doing my job better if I posted less...but I don't really care as I seem to be doing fine at my job.

I dress MC style most days. I have learned much in the ways of sartorial things here and still occasionally PM one of the masters for advice. My MC style wardrobe is nearly 100% MTM clothes with some brands like Zegna (shirts) tossed in at random. I really like peak lapels now and had no idea what they were a few years ago. I also do the pocketsquare thing and enjoy dressing a bit better than the average person. Shoes, I'm a let down in that I have a stable of AEs. No seconds but I always buy on sale. I plan to upgrade to at least C&J and Alden in the next year but will still have plenty of serviceable AEs in the shoe rack.

For casual wear I do not spend a lot on denims. When I do wear jeans it is either hot and casual, i.e. jeans and silk shirt, or cool weather and casual, i.e. jeans, AEs, sportscoat.

Since I have basically "peaked" sartorially, and certainly lack the knowledge to give folks advice about that topic, I usually post on political/social issues, food and drink, or generally fun things such as the "making you happy" thread.

I have met more than one member including a love filled night with K-dub. :inlove:

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