Informed opinions on Holland & Sherry's Teclana-blended wools?

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by bobbynardo, Aug 28, 2016.

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    Any views on Holland and Sherry's worsted wools blended with Teclana? Teclana is a man-made fiber developed by H&S, as described below in the City Suits swatch booklet. I've been conditioned to avoid any wool suiting that uses man-made fibers. Yet I assume a mill as reputable as H&S wouldn't offer a wool-blend if it didn't stand behind its quality. Any informed opinions?


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    While I have no experience with that specific material, I would not write off synthetics wholesale. Synthetics are, by and large, much stronger than natural materials of the same weight. With suiting becoming more and more lightweight, Holland &Sherry probably felt the need to develop materials that would allow their fabrics to remain reasonably durable and prices to stay competitive at the same time. A Super 170 material, for example, in 100% wool, is a very fine fabric, but it's really not an every day fabric. It will wear through easily, wrinkle easily, etc...

    The best way to really gauge how successful a product is is to actually commission something in it.

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