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    Hi all,
    Its nearly midnight here in the UK, but I though I would stay up and browse this forum again - so many interesting threads!

    Though I would ask a question. Has anybody visited INA Men in New York. I was there a few years ago and bought lots of items! It was like a treasure trove. Is it still going strong? Interested to hear anyones views, as I am popping over the Atantic soon and will take a detour to visit it!

    Oh also, I am in LA in 3 weeks time...can anybody name some bargain hunter designer label stores here too?

    Thatcham, England

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    Can definitely help you with the bargain hunting in LA, although, coming from the UK, everything will seem like a bargain in the States.

    Maxfield Bleu on North Robertson (a couple of blocks from the Beverly Center) has lots of stuff on sale from 40-60% off retail - all leftover stock from their main store (on Melrose). Some of the stuff is really out there. Some is wearable - it's a crap shoot, but always fun to browse regardless.

    Traffic Men and Politix (both in the Beverly Center) always have stacks of discounted merchandise, as does the Bloomingdales and Macy's Men their, which are really different than most of those stores at any other location excepting some NYC locations.

    Loehmann's just south of the Beverly Center is also a crapshoot, but you can routinely find anything from Ralph Lauren Purple Label to CP Company to James Perse at really low prices there.

    Decades Two on Melrose is probably one of the best consignment stores in the country - lots of celebs and models consign there.

    Umm, lots more, but I'll try to post later when brain is back in gear.

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