In-between suit sizes- brutal!

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by mapkos13, Jul 20, 2014.

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    So here I am in no-mans land.

    38s jackets always fit fantastic. I usually still need some work on the sleeve length, a little work in-between the shoulders, and get some work done to bring in the sides a bit. Not much actually, and some are close right off the bat.

    My issue comes with the pants. 38 with what I've been finding as a drop 6 kills me. It's not the waste itself as I know I can get that let out a bit. The front going down to the upper thighs is just too tight unfortunately.

    Now I have to go up to a 40s and the jackets just don't fit as well, albeit there is less work I'd guess than trying to work with limited fabric in the pants where I need it.

    So I know Hugo Boss isn't a fan favorite, and I do own a couple and they fit very well wearing a 38s or a 40s in slim.

    I have a Canali in a 40s that works well but it needs a lot of work as I feel like I'm starting to swim in the jacket, but the pants are good.

    Does anyone have any experience with suits that have the same type of fit a the HB? Maybe a brand that is drop 4 in a slim which may work well?

    I've tried Isaia, Valentino, Hickey Freeman, Armani, etc. All basically the same problem. Jacket fits great, especially the Valentino, pants are useless.

    Great site- I always look forward to the group think tank!
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    If it's S or R, then try Brooks Brothers for suit separates.

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