I want to get contacts, help me stop being a pusseh

Discussion in 'Health & Body' started by gort, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Nov 4, 2010
    Possible -> dumb threads :D

    I wear glasses sometimes like when I drive at night or when I am watching TV or using my laptop in the dark. I want to get contacts so I don't have to worry about glasses any more but I am a puss and the thought of touching my eyeball freaks me out.

    Also how expensive are they? Disposable or not? Do I just go to my same doctor I did my eye exam with to get contacts? Help a noob.:embar::embar::embar:
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  2. L'Incandescent

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    Yeah, you just go to your regular eye doctor. I don't know what other people wear, but I wear Oasys disposable contacts. A box (containing six contacts) is around $25, I think. (You'll obviously need a box for your right eye and one for your left.)

    Once you get accustomed to putting them in, you won't think anything of it. And you'll get accustomed quite quickly. It is quite hard at first, though, and it can be very, very frustrating trying and failing to get them in. (It'll also be very frustrating trying and failing to get them out!) But again, you'll get the hang of it quickly.

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Contacts are a bit more, I buy them when Costco has coupons but it's like $250 or so a year? Definitely worth it though and you get used to putting them in your eyes. More often than not I'll be more grossed out when I wake up and realize I took off my contacts with pizza grease covered hands or something like that

  4. Dean Keaton

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Putting a finger in your eye won't be a concern after two days or so, you really get used to it.

    I wear Johnson's "Hydraclear Oasys" or something like that - but not "Advance" since they contain more water, and they tend to dry out quickly. What works for me the best is the 2 weeks variation, because again they last throughout the day without drying out - it happened all the time when I wore the daily ones.

    Anyway, you won't regret it - contact lenses are so much better than glasses.

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    I pay about $65 for 3 months supply. When I was younger (20/21), I used to forget to take them out before passing out (particularly after partying). Pretty gross when thinking about it these days. So yeah take them out before you go to sleep. Try not to shower or swim with them on - eye infections SUCK.

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