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I have a poor wardrobe and no money to buy quality clothes...


New Member
Dec 30, 2017
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Hey everyone, newbie here!

I wanted to share my problems with you on this forum.
The problem is that I have nothing to wear. I mean I do have but it is so poor, boring and old with no such thing upgraded. I also don't have any money to buy the clothes that I like.
Bear in mind that I come from Serbia, south Europe, which is one of the poorest countries and where people work for 300 euros ($350) a month!
So now you know how fcuked up is situation here where I live. I couldn't buy any clothes even on a budget (sounds absurd but it is). Often, I look on how other people around me dress - and trust me, they take credit loans from banks just to buy some clothes. And they do look bether than me!

What is worse that I have a wardrobe of a 10 year old child, and I am 20 years old so the wardrobe is pretty tiny for my clothes to fit in. My dad has five big wardrobes in my house because he used to have a lot of money in the past and he often went shopping in famous European cities such as Venice, Milano etc. He does have a lot quality (though old) clothes unlike me. I can't even fit in his clothes because is taller and a lot heavier than me...

My family is struggling financialy because our country is corrupted and criminal to the core, so I don't believe anything would change for better in future...

The reason why I wrote this that I really like fashion and clothing. I like going to the clothing websites where I like to look at what kind of clothes they offer. I like fashion brands, but I am not a fan of top luxury brands because many of them are drastically overpriced and overhyped. I am someone who's a fan of "upper middle" clothing brands, so to say. Yes, there are also some luxury brands I would like to wear, but I can count them on fingers of one hand...

I suppose that this subreddit is mostly based on higher/top fashion clothing brands, but hey, it is what it is, maybe you can give me some honest advices.

On the other hand, I belive that clothes make me confident, although I am a shy anxious guy who's virgin, too (yeah that sucks...), and broke as hell lol !

If I had a **** ton of money, I would rather spend them on nice quality clothes and other stuff that comes to styling and fashion, then on cocaine and prostitues.
I would also run a fashion blog online, because I am pretty confident of my knowledge of styling and fashion.

Maybe, if I make a lot of money in the next year (I still don't know how lol!) maybe I would invest some money to start it myself.

That would be everything!

Happy New Year to all of you and best wishes. Hope you understood what I wrote above. :)

PS Maybe I'll post a photo or two of my wardrobe and clothes so you can see how poor I am (at least in clothes) hahaha! :D


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Nov 15, 2013
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In Naples you can buy very good shirts for 30 euros, I have been told are made in Romania and Croatia.

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