Hugo Boss Suits vs Other Similarly Priced Suits In Canada

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Alexander7731, Aug 24, 2016.

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    I've been reading this forum and shopping for suits for a while now and I keep seeing negative reviews about Hugo Boss. I just got a Hugo Boss suit from Harry Rosen and I though it was a pretty good. It obviously fits great (or I wouldn't have bought it) and I get free alterations anyways but here is the breakdown.

    - Half Canvassed
    - Made in Lithuania
    - Dark navy pinstripe, %100 virgin wool, Super 120's, Guabello
    - Bullhorn buttons with decorative cuffs (buttonholes sewn though and I will be adding surgeons cuffs, I think it's free)

    Also, I keep seeing all this stuff about Hugo Boss being "made in China" and "fused" but all their black label selection suits seem to be made in Europe and are half canvassed at the least. Can someone clear this up and do people only think it's bad because places like The Bay, Macy's, Nordstrom's etc... where most people shop only carry the red label garbage known as "Hugo, Hugo Boss" that is made in china and fused.

    Also how does this compare to Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers 1818, Munro, Samulesohn, and any other comparable brands. Also I won't say how much it was now but could you guys include both how much this suit is worth/should be sold for and what you think hugo boss would charge for it (so I can see if I got a good deal).

    And any other insight into suits priced $700-2000 and where to get them is appreciated as this will be my budget till I finish high school and probably through university (going to grade 10)

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