How to find guidance as a young(ish) man?

Discussion in 'Business, Careers & Education' started by LooksGood, Jan 15, 2013.

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    In an earlier thread on this forum, I communicated that I kinda grew up without parental support. Up til now It didn't feel like THAT big a deal because I just followed what generally you should be doing, go to school, get good grades, go to college, etc. Well now I'm done with all that and working and I feel pretty lost.

    I know how to do my job but that's pretty much it. I never learned anything else about investing, relationships, self actualization, etc. I read books about it, but that only teaches you a little bit. Friends tell me about stuff, but half the time it's terrible advice. As funny as it sounds, I kind of wish I had like an older person to tell me his experiences and guide me through some stuff.

    Anyone else stuck in this predicament and find a solution to this problem?

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Find a mentor. Find someone who resembles what your 5 year plan might look like, and glob on.

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