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How has your style changed over the last 10 years?


Stylish Dinosaur
Dec 3, 2009
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Get Smart

Don't Crink
Oct 27, 2004
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Started loading up on more “casual” gear myself about 5yrs ago. Elllesse and Fila polos, jackets, rugby’s, etc. Keep the trainers simple with Stans, Brooks Vanguard and Vans Authentics. Always have my SoCal surfer origins lurking with multiple Birdwell 310 and various cool tees. Welcome back GS.
cool. I wear lot of Ellesse, Fila, Le Coq Sportif etc as well. which is full circle for me since I played high school varsity tennis in the mid 80s and I was really into those brands for tenniswear back then. Ellesse is probably my fave of the Italians, and Le Coq trainers are some of my alltime favorites, along with New Balance 576/574 and Adidas originals

LA Guy

Opposite Santa
Staff member
Mar 8, 2002
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I wear mostly Stone Island joggers. No links since they tend to sell out as soon as they’re released. Here’s a couple quick pics I had on my phone. Navy pair on my pistol squat photo. The other one is a grey. I also have in olive green, black and chambray.
I can't do pistols anymore. My hamstrings are way too inflexible, and that puts extra stress on my knees, which are shot at this point. I could do them until I was about 35 or so, I think mostly just out of sheer bloody-mindedness, and never bothering to stretch properly. Stupid? Yes. If I ever stretch out my hamstrings well enough to take the weight off my knee, it's one of the exercise I'd like to do more of.

I see Albert all the time. We even did a couples trip to Tokyo last fall with our wives. But I don’t think he has much interest in forums. I think he’d be shocked that I’m back on here lol.
lol. I would bet that he would be. Is he still his old cantakerous self?

Thin White Duke

Distinguished Member
Dec 5, 2010
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Interesting topic.

I moved into a white collar job about ten years ago which was part of the reason I rededicated to the Mod style as I now had an excuse to wear some decent threads.
I had also noticed the waste in jumping on ‘fashion’ bandwagons so part of my motivation was to acquire stuff that would last a long time in terms of quality and style. My motivation in buying stuff was ‘am I gonna look back at a photo of this in X years and still think it looks good or am I gonna cringe?’

I think almost all of us are evolving our style in some way but some faster than others. I hope I’m doing so at snail’s pace. I’ve acquired a lot of decent threads over the last ten years (some crap ones too which I need to offload!) and I intend to keep them. I see the places I go to work becoming ever more casualised so I’m fighting a rearguard action wearing suits or sports jackets, ties, occasionally brimmed hats etc when most around me are stopping almost to the level of beachwear!


Apr 11, 2015
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There are two camps in my closet - the entrenched and the ascendant. For nearly 40 years I have practiced law in a place that cares little about your duds. But my family does not share that indifference. And never has. My great grandfather was a dandy, and that gene has been dominant in successive generations. My mind's conjuring of my grandfather is indelible - an elegant, silver-topped man made only more so by his attire. He inscribed a formal portrait, in the most gracious hand, and in fountain ink - "Lest you forget." And then he signed his name. I will not forget.
My uncle, his son, was named one of the best dressed men in my state. I recall, as a kid, accompanying him to Brooks Brothers and J Press and Louis in Boston/Cambridge. English, whenever possible - Turnbull and Asser (especially "dusty fields" ancient madder ties), Church's shoes, suede boots, Dax cords, Paul Stuart and the like. And I absorbed it all. As a younger man, lots of worsted, lots of tweed. And in time, my focus became more Continental - Cantarelli, Attolini, Isaia, Stile Latino - oh, and LL Bean boots. Kind of normal where I live, even in court. I built the finest wardrobe of new and pre-owned Italian and British clothing in a county with but one stop light. And, in my professional life, it works. Dressing well is a tonic - it girds the loins, if you will. No matter the venue. At the gym, I am known as "sexy socks."
Our three Millennial sons are similarly afflicted. One is a denim guy. Another sports Abasi Rosborough, which reflects his sensibility and ethos, and the youngest flaunts Aran Isle and Icelandic wools and Italian kicks. We all took a trip to Tuscany this spring. And it turned into this wonderful sartorial bonding thing. It is a good feeling for a dad when he sees his kids appreciate the truly fine things in life. And it will feel even better when they can afford them. We found our way to Benheart leather in Florence and bought hard and deep.
And, in Italy, my rather parochial eyes were opened to the depth and breadth of fashion that exists, in real life, on streets far from my home. And it meant something to me - more than just a curiosity - a different universe of clothes and cultural sub-sect that honors traditional designs, processes and materials reinterpreted and fabricated ethically and sustainably. And that meant something to me as well. Even the chaotic stuff that made my eyes cross.
Since that excursion, I have read and I absorbed, just as I did by my uncle's side so many years ago. And in short order, I acquired the pioneer pieces of a new collection - a pair of Guidi reverse calf boots, Julius 7 boots, a pair of horsehide derbies from Officine Creative and a pair of high tops from VOR. I am struck by the character and quality of each of these unique items. And confess that I have become somewhat of a zipper snob. Just the concept of curating a "collection" of clothes is a change in mind-set.
Over the past few years, the RL and Incotex and other dress pants have made way for an influx of jeans from Gustin and Jacob Cohen, and most recently, a hoard of denim emigres from Japan, with names like Kapital, Japan Blue (Godzilla jeans - OMG), Tanuki, and Blue Blue Japan . And, from our shores, wonderful shmatas from Hill-Side, and Hardenco and 3sixteen. Next to my Filson and Tellason jackets you will now find shearling from Porshe Design and 10sei0otto, and alpaca from Stephan Schneider and canvas from Frank Leder. Some from Ebay but most from Grailed. All Hail Grailed. Buying used makes me feel even better about the items I acquire - and not just because of the price advantage.
I have become a Heddels devotee and have joined a denim board on Facebook. I am just fascinated by the design, ethos, chemistry and alchemy of denim and the return to authentic leather tanning and fabrication. I grew up in a mill town famous for shoes and textiles. All, long since gone - except for Rancourt.
So my wardrobe, and perspective on clothes is changing, mirroring an interesting transition in my life, as I contemplate spending less time with the law, and more time with my musical instruments, photo gear and travel kit. I like and value good clothes. My dad taught me that you never trade down. And I do not plan to. Or have to. Denim and leather fashioned with care, respect and integrity are a very good companions, indeed.
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Distinguished Member
Nov 12, 2006
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Hmm, I honestly think my style has remained fairly constant in the last 10 years. I wear ties less (in fact, I may have occasion to wear a tie just a few times a year these days), and denim more, but that might be about it. I've been an RRL fanboy since discovering the brand at the Lenox Square Ralph Lauren store when I lived in Atlanta, and the last 10 years have really been about filling out my wardrobe with more pieces, although I have slowed down a bit and am much more selective these days. I still love a good tartan or check sportcoat as much as I always did! That won't change..


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2018
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Hmm, can't say that my style has changed that much, fabrics have gotten better and the last vestiges of my skateboarding youth have disappeared. Just last spring I took my old Alien Workshop, Volcom, Toy Machine, etc... sweats and hoodies to a charity collection box.

Kal Varnsen

Well-Known Member
Jan 10, 2019
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Over the years, I think I've just become more flexible when it comes to what I will and won't wear. Things I would never wear years before for whatever dumb reason, I have no problem wearing now. I definitely think I dress better than I used to, but it's been a process finding what works and what doesn't.


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2010
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I've always had the same style since I was about 14 years old: Basically, workwear with a bit of a twist. When I was a teenager and college student it was 501s, surplus Army pants, LLB chamois shirts and BB OCBDs raided from my dad once the collar and cuffs frayed, canvas CPOs and punk (well, SST and Goth, too) T-shirts. In college I switched to white Chucks. That's about it.

I've lived in either coastal California or big cities (Philly, NYC, Paris) my entire adult life but despite a few detours I've always returned to the same basic silhouette. I've been wearing EG since the late oughts (working around the corner from Nepenthes was a budget killer) but not the super crazy stuff, lots of Workaday. Also lots of Gitman Bros, Orslow and just in the past few years I've moved into the Italian interpretations of workwear like President's and 1st-PatRN. I look at what I'm wearing for work today (decade-old BB OCBD, EG Workaday 41 trousers and Karhus and wonder, jeez, why even bother anymore? I'm down to 2 pairs of denim, one black and one good ol APC PSs.

But at this point it's who I am and it makes shopping easy. Anything in my narrow wheelhouse works with anything else and is appropriate for 90 percent of the situations I find myself in, whether going to a parents' meeting, out for drinks or dinner, working around the house or even, you know, working...

If money were no object I'd probably be more directional -- I'd go full on Schneider but it would require a bonfire of the vanities followed by a sacking of my kids' college funds...

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