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How do you guys budget your wardrobe?


New Member
Oct 24, 2010
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I've poked around on here from time to time and have recently found myself in need of several more suits, shirts, ties etc... so I came back to get some pointers and I'm a bit taken aback by the type of stuff you guys are buying. Im assuming most of you are pretty savvy shoppers being this is a pretty expensive habit, but even still, I spend a significant chunk of my investment banking income on clothes/shoes but you won't find a closet full of Brioni, Kiton and Isaia suits and bespoke shoes in my apartment. There's really no way around not spending a boatload on bespoke exotic skin shoes, so I'm assuming those members obviously have the means to afford that level of luxury. But I'm assuming the rest of you aren't gazillion-aires and more or less just like me. Where and how do you guys find such deals? Or don't you and most of the members on have the means to buy 4 $2,800 Isaia suits on sale for $1800?

The second part of my question is more of a request for guidance. I've in the past stuck to what I know and love, which is Dolce and Zenga. As of late, I find myself #1, not wanting to pay full price ($1,300-1,800) for suits. I work with a few people who swear by their Honk Kong tailors who visit Manhattan every so often ($600-900 range). I work with some people who swear by their TM Lewin suits ($350-440 range). I've historically bought my suits at Saks for full price. Lately, I've found one or 2 suits I like at discount stores like Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Century 21. But its pretty tough to find 36S suits as is, much less to find one at a bargain price. So should I just stick to what I know (Dolce and Zenga)? Do I dabble in the HK MTM? Or should I just sit tight and wait to find a good bargain at one of these discount outlets? My issue is I've recently put on a quite a bit of lean weight, so none of my old suits fit. My rotation literally consists of 2 suits. Not only is it cramping my style, but I also happen to love those suits and I'm obviously beating the hell out of them wearing them 2-3 times per week.

A little help? Thanks.


Distinguished Member
Feb 14, 2008
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I think the trick here is to be strategic about your purchases, and to be organised & systematic. Go through your existing inventory and decide which gaps you want to fill. Prioritise your acquisitions, setting aside more money for the pieces that you need or want most. Resist impulse purchases and stick to your plan...

Re: HK tailors. If you have ready access to affordable bespoke HK tailors (eg Chan, etc.), I would think that it is a better "investment" to park your funds in their garments than mass produced, expensive RTW. If you find a tailor you like, you're going to get a more comfortable, better-fitting and more durable garment...


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Nov 21, 2008
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I found it beneficial to prioritize. For example, list in order of benefit the pieces you'd like to upgrade. Then, when you've got enough fluff ($) saved to purchase the next on the list, do so.

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