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    Australia’s Imperial Denim was one of the first few high-end, foreign made denim brands available on the internet. Their first cuts were bootcuts and straight legs – appropriate for the mid 2000s – but after the rise of vintage slim fits, they faded away until now, with a recent announcement from Self Edge about another upcoming collaboration. Check back in and explore the halcyon days of raw denim, and re-experience perhaps the only Australian denim brand out there.


    Poor GQGeek. First he gets robbed in the street (and has issues on dates), and now he can’t swim! What’s a guy to do? Participate in this thread – either to suggest help or to join in and ridicule – either way, it’s par for the course.

    Cordovan Wallet

    What’s the perfect accessory for your whisky colored Alden cordovan longwings? The easy answer is a shell cordovan belt (one-piece for the true connoisseur), but the more sophisticated option is a shell cordovan wallet, in a matching shade. While you only see it occasionally, it’s still a subtle reminder of how much of a boss you are.
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