Hong Kong Tailors - A Man Hing Cheong vs. WWC vw. YWY

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by gumbolo, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Hi there,

    I just came back from another trip to HK where I had some suits made. I want to focus this threat a bit on the attitude and customer-service of the tailors.

    First and foremost: I do not recommend anyone to go to A Man Hing Cheong. I have repeatedly been treated in a very disrespectful, arrogant and sloppy way. I think these guys are just so spoiled from walk-in customers of the Mandarin Oriental, that they seriously don't give a f**k about repeat-purchases. I have asked for little adjustments that show up only once you wear it, and everytime I ask, they react like it's a full remodelling of the suit. I mean things like length, shirt-fit, pant-fit, etc. I have bought 5 suits, 3 sportjackets and more than 20 shirts and even brought in another friend as a customer in the last two years, but they still treat me in such an arrogant way, making me wait for minor adjustments for weeks, not offering any proactive help, not apologising. So unless you always get your suit in one fitting, don't got there. It's a very frustrating experience. I also don't like the point that they actually talk bad about you in Chinese, while you stand right in front of them. I mean, come on!

    I have worked with WWC instead now for the first time. Very nice guys with a very proper attitude so far. I feel that they are really interested in winning you over and providing a service, whereas the guys of AMHC seem like street-vendors who want to screw you over one time and then focus on the next poor guy stepping into the shop. WWC also seems to have a better understanding of customer-needs and not too much on what everyone is wearing, and so should you, you know what I mean? The only downside I found is their location, which is quite a stretch.

    I also worked with William Yu in Mody Road, quite nice chaps. Very difficult to find, but so far quite a good experience. What I liked about them is that they would really help you in identifying what you want to have and not push too much in any direction. I also had to bring back some suits/jackets a couple of times and they didn't complain at all. To the contrary, they even delivered it back to my hotel without a mark-up. The only thing there is I find their canvas a bit too soft for a serious classic old-school British cut, but for sportsjackets and summersuits it is quite alright. It could be my shoulders, but if I compare the canvas to WWC, it seems somehow softer. I am not a technical expert, but maybe that's a difference of half vs. full canvas?

    Comments/feedback welcome!

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