Hong Kong Redemption - February 19, 2014

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by StyleforumRobot, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Probably the easiest way to piss off StyleForum regulars is to make an inane, repetitious thread asking some basic questions. To avoid this mortal posting sin, use the simple questions threads – they’re there for a reason, and they’re actually filled with useful advice that can help you take some baby steps into men’s fashion.


    I guess it’s hockey season? It’s cold enough. I really don’t know a ton about hockey (although I guess the US is doing surprisingly well in the Olympics?), but this thread is full of some incredibly passionate posters who care about hockey a lot. Check it out! Share in their enthusiasm.

    Hong Kong Tailors

    In the pantheon of men’s bespoke, Far East tailors might be at the bottom – they’re scorned for frequently being the destination for sketchy “bespoke” operations in the West. But can you get good bespoke in Hong Kong? This thread is full of locals and visitors trying to find out.

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