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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Samuel Smith, May 1, 2012.

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Hey SF,

    Got a few questions regarding my upcoming Honeymoon. I surprised the soon-to-be Mrs. with a 11 day trip to the Mediterranean - she really enjoyed a Caribbean cruise we took last year and just had to go on another cruise so I booked us a Western Med 7-Day on RCCL. I have a few questions that I thought you all would probably be a good resource for.

    We fly into JFK at 8a and fly out at 6p. Mrs. Smith has never been to NY so I would like to take her into Manhattan for some sightseeing and a quick lunch. I'm thinking AirTrain -> Jamaica Station -> Manhattan is easiest route? If you had 4 hours to spend in Manhattan with your lovely how would you spend it?

    We then fly to Barcelona and stay there for 3 days before the cruise begins. As an architect, Barcelona is one of my 'grail' cities to visit so this is the part of the trip that I am most looking forward too. Any can't miss suggestions?

    I have lived in Rome and extensively visited Florence so I think I have that one in the back pocket .... but Toulon/Nice? Anyone?

    Cheers Lads,


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    Mar 22, 2009
    Brooklyn NY / Cork IE

    you're skirting around rush hour so train probably makes most sense. if you were a few hours earlier / later a cab might be quicker and easier.
    since you only have 4 hours you should probably focus on one area, don't want to waste more time on subway or in cabs.
    so to a quick hit i'd have to imagine you want to be somewhere around midtown. maybe times square then top of the rock? you would have time to walk as far as south end of central park for a quick look. millions of places for lunch, check yelp and see what looks good.

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