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    Aug 17, 2007
    I know Gilt has home goods as well (though I think Gilt is pretty watered down these days), but two pretty decent home-related flash sites I've found are

    www.thefoundary.com and


    One King's Lane seems a bit more highbrow and I know they both contain a lot of stuff home decorators love and that you guys would find horrible (e.g. throw pillows galore) but you can get some pretty cool stuff from time to time. Just thought I'd share these as a PSA - and ask if you guys knew of any other similar sites.

    There is lots of modern and MCM-type furniture that I know is popular. Right now the Foundary has a bunch of it up, including Louis Ghost copies at $300/pair. I can't vouch for their design authenticity - modern is not really my thing. Happy hunting.

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    Jun 22, 2006

    A mixed bag but a fair amount of home goods...the design aesthetic isn't really my cup of tea.
    I've actually purchased several things from One Kings Lane and have been pleased with the quality and, believe it or not, the packaging. They have a nice way of throwing in small gifts with your order....notebooks, candles, etc.

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