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Dec 15, 2015
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Take on infamous plain grey jacket. Sleeves are a bit too short, but given I don't wear this one that much recently, I'm not sure if I am going to take it to my tailor for alterations.


* Suitsupply
* Tyrwhitt
* tie from Embassy of Elegance
* ps from Poszetka
* Benevento pants
* Shoepassion
Jacket is obviously too short as well, but there's nothing to be done with it.

Roy Al

Distinguished Member
Aug 8, 2013
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@Hal Freeman thanks, haircut remains the same, but it's been a while since I've seen my barber. Add some wind to the equation and the result is what it is :)
I like your facial hair. Gives you more age and character, and that suits you.


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Jul 13, 2012
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Aug 20, 2012
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ANYONE in this thread, calling another person's fits ridiculous. is in self denial, and making an embarrassingly futile statement.
as rarely a fit in here could be universally accepted. but when you post a fit that works? i'll thumb it. no hate.

BTW, that fit above of yours? too busy, and the jacket washes out with your skin tone. would actually prefer a navy Blazer in this instance.

Somebody hating on my 1966 Lock&co Bowler hat, worn with Beams F Loro piana, and Lanvin? to a wedding? without posting anything worthwhile? come on now.....
I'm not usually in the grammar-police camp, but you don't help your arguments by just dropping periods and other punctuation randomly, with seemingly no regard for linguistic syntax. It makes any suspension of disbelief, on the part of readers inclined to hear you out, impossible. That said, your arguments are hilarious regardless...carry on!
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Apr 11, 2016
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Dec 12, 2009
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Who are those guys? don't care.

Either way, you are wrong. but there's no sense in trying to teach an old dog new tricks. when it has no idea about, or respect for stuff it doesn't know. best of luck with your flesh toned corduroy blazer.

the fact that you begrudgingly agree with what i have to say about style? means you are clutching at straws, by talking smack about fits you couldn't pull off. that i actually can, and have. you gotta know the rules to defy them. while i have no intention of wearing a Tie in the near future, i'll still be checking in to thumb fits that are properly thought out, and well fitted.

Never stop pushing the boundaries. style is on the other side of bland.
At least Foo offered something of use. You're just doing the Foo schtick without the wit or biting tone to carry it off.
@Hal Freeman thanks, haircut remains the same, but it's been a while since I've seen my barber. Add some wind to the equation and the result is what it is :)
You should keep it long.


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Jul 6, 2013
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I've been posting in SF for a few years now and I've never called another member's fits ridiculous before, but I choose my words with care this time. You listing brands is not going to help and your bowler is literally just the tip of the mountain of fit issues you have.

I don't agree with your comments about my latest fit, especially not changing the blazer since the whole point of the post was to showcase that particular blazer, but I've never pretended that all the fits I post are fantastic. That's part of the charm of this thread, people post what they wear and I think all members would admit that they don't always get it right.

Claiming that I've never posted anything worthwhile is bold since there is plenty to choose from, but at least all my posts are searchable. For some reason you have chosen to restrict your account which makes it more difficult to find the astonishing gifts you have bestowed upon SF before.

Just to make one thing absolutely clear: there is no "hating" from my side either. If I see something good from you I'll certainly acknowledge that. But if you enter a forum claiming to teach everybody else how to do it and urge others to accept your "critique", then you have a lot more to prove. So far I've seen more Greg Oden than Anthony Davis.
Let us hope he doesn't go "full Oden" on us lol.

Alan Bee

Distinguished Member
Sep 26, 2007
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Definitely. you should be concerned.

as you know well enough i am always serious. no snark, no trolling, straight up say what i mean to say.

everyday i see fits with a poor silhouette,or poor contrast, getting thumbs from the same people,who in turn thumb the fit of the guy who thumbed them. like a circle of members thumbing eachother.... :spew:

a stifled, inbred pool of style.promoting a focus on being accepted via conformism. the details of which, are frivolous, and uninspiring. (Must wear brown and blue,dress like an early 70's entry level tax return accountant, or a vaccum cleaner salesman from 1949....all in the past. . ) ahem, back on point . .

This thread needs some outside DNA in the style gene pool.and i'm bringing it. might bring some friends too. ;)

i don't require the same 18 people to thumb each of my fits, i won't be thumbing yours. unless i genuinely like it. no "participation awards" here. you get a thumb from me? know it's actual appreciation. the new pups trying to dress like a movie character? are going to have to step up. there's no style in imitation. only cosplay.

So I Challenge you,to Be ambitious.
I challenge you, to try new things.
I Challenge you, to take better fit pics.
I Challenge you, to put up. or shut up.
see you, in the Challenges.

Style rules. and "CM" has evolved. it's not 1949 anymore. . the present is coming. . . .:stirpot:
Sadly, I agree with everything you've said Vader. I've been on here for 10 years and sadly several threads (including Unfunded Liabilities thread) have devolved to cults with self appointed landlords and minions who do their bidding and/or seek their approval through conformity.

Alan Bee

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