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Discussion in '2011-2017 Other' started by Hoa Duy, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. Hoa Duy

    Hoa Duy New Member

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    Nov 5, 2015
    Both monitors 'torture' by challenging each leg waxing tearing posed by fans make viewers laugh tilting.
    Continuing challenges posed by fans, Ngoc Thao and Noodle has accepted waxing(wax lông chân ) games Struggle limb Equally 2 times before. Each person gets a 5 piece waxing instruments and tried to "abuse" mutual.
    Special Noodles "crying" because of Ngoc Thao abuse.
    Ngoc Thao constantly monitor "torture" Pho by skilled professional waxing (wax tẩy lông chân ). She was dead hand any time once it makes Pho to scream in pain. Special Noodle own lack of experience should first 1-2 pieces he had peeled opposite Ngoc Thao sticker makes glad not feel pain. But mistakes remember, the guy then also make Ngoc Thao must "cry".
    Fun Vlog is a combination of 'buddy' is a match made the viewers laughing. Ngoc Thao and Noodle promised to continue the challenge with the game so fans think of the next time.

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