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High School Reunions - been to one?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by crazyquik, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. rdawson808

    rdawson808 Senior member

    Feb 22, 2005
    The Capital
    I'm not so sure that my former classmates are really that much into "adulthood". The ones who are pushing the facebook group and having the planning meetings...I mean - doesn't that seem a bit OTT?

    It may seem odd, but from reading all of my old classmates' postings on each other's walls, I don't think they've seen each other much at all. I live across the country now so I haven't seen any of them in decades, but many of them are a short drive (couple hours at most) away from one another and really seem to be reconnecting after a long time. I think many of them just lost touch. So the Facebook-ing all seems pretty genuine.

  2. southbound35

    southbound35 Senior member

    Mar 15, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    Ten years after graduation, I would still see two good friends on occasion. Went to the ten year reunion and chatted with people I hadn't chatted with in exactly one decade; it was great to see them and hear what had happened and was going on in their lives. Nine years, later, I haven't spoken (other than in passing if I to ran into them) to any of them other than the same two friends. I plan on attending my 20-year next year, chatting them up, then ignoring them for another 10 years.

    I am interested to see if the cheerleader (not hot, even then) I graduated with who got busted for shoplifting at JCPenney's will show. The debacle was fairly publicized since she had a pretty good job as a university administrator.

    It was interesting to see the average girls who became hot as well as the hot ones who got hotter. I'm guessing the 20-year reunion is going to be a reality check that 38-year-olds really do look old.
  3. cheessus

    cheessus Senior member

    Feb 12, 2008
    Palo Alto/Santa Clara
    I missed my 5 year last winter, having just moved cross-country. From what I heard it was just a huge dick-swinging contest. There were fewer than 100 people in my graduating class (co-ed) and about 50-60 of us were there. A few of my close friends went and it was just a 4-5 hour open bar where people talked about how "baller" their jobs were and how literally over 50% of my class is now in law school or med school...so many "prestige" points were flying around. While my school and especially my class was quite competitive the stories I heard were just ridiculous.

    But, then again, all the hot chicks stayed really hot from what I saw from our monthly magazine. Plus, they are very intelligent, which is an awesome combination, but they are bitches, and no, not the cool kind.
  4. flashback

    flashback Senior member

    Apr 7, 2006
    I just went to mine over Thanksgiving weekend. The experience was very surreal and interesting.

    I was on the fence about it for awhile... I didn't particularly like the people that I went to high school with and didn't really care to see what they were doing now (no, I didn't have a bad experience in HS, I actually enjoyed my time there). Due to facebook and other such modern conveniences, I had a pretty good idea of what everyone was up to. On top of that they were originally charging money for tickets to the thing - something that was fairly unique among the other high schools in the area that would just assemble at a social place free of charge. They ended up changing it and making it free to attend, so I decided since I would be home for the holidays it would be rude to not attend.

    It ended up being quite fun... most of the people had good attitudes and were very talkative. It wasn't "clique-y" like a lot of people think. I did reconnect with some people who I expect to maintain contact with. I actually ended up hooking-up with one of the girls who wasn't really anything special in high school but had ended up becoming a very beautiful woman. So, needless to say I enjoyed it and would recommend you go to yours.
  5. Thomas

    Thomas Senior member

    Jul 25, 2006
    I see the pattern here:

    Those who are all...YAY REUNIONS - they got a bit of action at theirs.
  6. bullethead

    bullethead Senior member

    Apr 7, 2007
    I had my twenty a few years ago and I must say, I had a great time. Much more fun than the 5 and 10.

    Everyone who thought they were-or on their way-to being Mr. Big Swinging Dick seemed to realize that their career was just a job regardless of how much money they made. In fact, no one seemed to bring up careers at all, besides a "What do you do?" type thing, in which the answers were to the point.

    It seemed like everyone got themselves together well in advance for the 20 as well. Their were quite a few women who were really hot-much more so then at the 10. I guess the sea pigs sat this one out.

    Really glad I went.
  7. turboman808

    turboman808 Senior member

    Nov 3, 2008
    I hardly remember anyone from highschool. Can't imagine going there to impress others and other then trying to hit some old highschool pussy I see no point.

    Think my 20 year will be soon. Where has the time gone? I still look the same as I did back then. Only if I went I would drive a 911 instead of a triumph spitfire.
  8. SField

    SField Senior member

    Oct 19, 2008
    Reading about you guys having 20 year reunions is making me depressed.

    I think I need to go fuck a college freshman to compensate.
  9. tiecollector

    tiecollector Senior member

    Sep 8, 2006
    SField, if you stick around here for a while and read tiecollector's posts, you will see he harbors a lot of animosity towards the medical profession.

    I guess some doc screwed him (or a loved one) over at some point in his life and he's certainly entitled to his opinion.

    The medical profession can be fine, I just think most allopathic medicine is more about money than anything. It's useful if you get in a car accident, but not for overall health. It's sick care, not health care. I originally went to college pre-med so the whole medical field is interesting to me, both the actual work and how it is influenced by outside sources. I just think it is messed up for a doc that is bought off by drug reps with economics degrees to look down on a dentist or chiropractor.

    I doubt you'll go from geek to stud with an MD, certainly not a DDS because there are no shows on TV about George Clooney the dentist. Also, you don't get cool toys from the GP like you did at the dentist. You will attract the gold diggers and half the nurses that go to upgrade their Ms. to an MD. MDs might become more confident because they have to develop better people skills, but that would come with many other jobs too. If you go back to your high school reunion trying to flaunt your achievements, people will just try to remember you as the dork you were back then.

    That being said, with facebook, who needs a reunion? I really need to delete myself.
  10. kalice

    kalice Senior member

    Apr 26, 2008
    I'm looking towards my high school reunion. I was the nerdy little eccentric girl back in high school and all the guys were scared of me. In several years, hopefully I'll be back there, post-puberty, better style, and a story that I got out of surburia once and for all.
  11. SField

    SField Senior member

    Oct 19, 2008
    Moral for all current highschool style forum members:

    Be the person you want to be at your 5 year reunion. Why wait.
  12. VKK3450

    VKK3450 Senior member

    Sep 13, 2004
    Primrose Hill, London
    I might have gone to my 10 if I was even living in the same country and it was convenient. Reality was that I couldn't be bothered to fly to the US.

    It's strange, via facebook I see that so many of my old classmates have moved back to Atlanta and live in similar areas to where we grew up. Don't get me wrong, we lived in a very nice affluent part of the city, but for as much as everyone complained about how dull it was, it seems like they just went off to school then immediately moved back to Atlanta and became their parents.

    One of my old friends who did go to our reunion told me that while he had fun it was best to stay away as they would suck you in to a strange vortex of domestic suburbia. And that was at the age of 28


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